Top Chef

Foo Fighters Thanksgiving

Season 5, Ep 3, Aired 11/26/08
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  • Rock band the Foo Fighters celebrate Thanksgiving the Top Chef way- on the road with the band in Rochester and a holiday feast prepared outdoors to individual tastes. Guest judge James Beard Award-winner Chef Grant Achatz.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Tom Colicchio

    Lead Judge/Co-Host

  • Gail Simmons


  • Alex Eusebio

    Season 5 Contestant

  • Ariane Duarte

    Season 5 Contestant

  • Carla Hall (II)

    Season 5 Contestant

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  • Thanksgiving filled episode!

    By JPPT1974, Nov 30, 2008

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    • Alex: Every chef wants to be a rock star, and we're actually cooking for rock stars right now, so that's cool.

    • Padma: Everybody stop what you're doing! Stop, right now! We've changed our minds. Grant: We're in the mood for some soup.

    Notes (7)

    • Carla calls herself a McGyver for her creativity, but Gail Simmons says as she tries the food that Eugene is the MacGyver of the group for his resourcefulness of making his own grill to cook his pork.

    • For the QuickFire, Lee Anne made trays with the specific ingredients for each recipe for the contestants to use, as well as making available a multitude of other ingredients so they could put their own spin on it.

    • It was a seven hour drive from NYC, where the QuickFire took place, to Rochester, where the band was to perform.

    • Picking the winner was entirely up to the band. Tom actually tried to convince them to pick Team Cougar, since they had done best with the proteins, but though the Foo Fighters said it was pretty much a toss-up, they chose Team Sexy Pants. But Tom said he was reconciled to their choice because it allowed them to send home the chef who had made the worst dish, Richard.

    • Richard also made a couple of other dishes which were not seen in the episode. He made a caprese, which is a tomato and mozzarella salad tossed in basil pesto. According to Lee Anne it was fine, but was agreed by all to have been an odd choice for Thanksgiving. He also made Spicy Sweet Ginger Sweet Potatoes, which the Judges did like.

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    • Carla: I feel like I'm a MacGyver when it comes to those sorts of things. The 1985-92 TV show MacGyver, which starred Richard Dean Anderson, was about an agent of the Department of External Services/Phoenix Foundation who always saved the day by jury rigging devices out of unlikely components.

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