Lock Down

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    Sesame Street + Target = lackluster episode

    By CodyZamboni, Feb 17, 2011

    One of the weakest episodes so far this season. The producer's idea of having the Sesame Street muppets involved in the quickfire challenge was a misfire. Padma, now that she has a kid, seemed to enjoy it. I didn't. Making cookies ???? Cmon.

    The Target challenge was slightly better. The whole thing happened at 3:30am. They had to only use cooking and food items found inside the store. That was a nice twist. Given what they had to work with, most of the dishes looked decent. But nothing that made me hungry. For me that's a sign of a good episode, that the food prepared looks great.

    What also was missing was the warm, beautiful presence of Gail Simmons. She's my favorite judge. She's so pretty.moreless

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