ELLE DECOR Cover Inspiration

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Quotes (5)

  • Jonathan: I'd love to hear why you think you deserve to be in the finals and why you think the others don't. Carisa: I guess, maybe, I have a lot to gain… from this whole experience. Jonathan: But this competition's based on merit, it's not a charity.

  • Carisa: Listen to me, please. Please? Carl: I'm listening sweetie, I wish you'd stop talking to me like a *$&@ing four-year-old!

  • Carisa: (to Matt) Your floor, my wall… let's call the whole thing off.

  • Matt: I'm in my element when I'm at the PDC [Pacific Design Center]. Like, bargain shopping? That's not what I do.

  • Andrea: I'm a little surprised that Carisa made it into the top three. She always delivers in a certain way, but she kind of does a similar thing each time. You know, if she does the same thing again, I think this time it may be, like, one time too many.

Notes (1)

  • Matt's carpenter Blair was injured during episode 8 and unable to work during episode 9. Matt's carpenter for episode 9 was Sarah (Goil's pervious carpenter). Blair will return to help Matt for the final episode.

Trivia (1)

  • Challenge (AKA: ELLE Decor Challenge): Design a Living Room Inspired by Elle Decor Cover. Mode: Individual, using cover chosen by contestant. Time Frame: Three days. Budget: $7,500 for total design. Parameters: New design must capture the essence of the cover, but not duplicate it, and fulfill the test of "luxury for less".