Finale Part 1

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Quotes (4)

  • Jeff Lewis: I can appreciate your individual sense of style, but I'm having trouble relating to your style. Eddie: Okay. Jeff Lewis: And I think it's very specific. I think it skews an older demographic. And by older, I mean walkers, bedpans and oxygen tanks.

  • Jonathan: (to Nathan) Where is the sexual influence? India: Everywhere! Jeff Lewis: (points at the pitcher of nails) That– look how phallic that is. Jonathan: Ye-es, but the– you know, I see the nails– Jeff Lewis: You've been staring at it the entire time we've been in the room, and you're pretending like you don't notice it.

  • Jonathan: Let's talk bed-scaping for a moment. Eddie: Okay. Jonathan: Did you think of any decorative pillow at all, or– Eddie: Um, I did, but I thought just keeping it all clean and white, and kind of hotel-esque, is better than tchotchke-ing it up with… Jeff Lewis: Jonathan Adler pillows.

  • (Opening his birthday gifts, and holding up a vest.) Eddie: Aww, a new rugby vest (chuckles) for elimination. (laughs)