Finale Part 2

Trivia, Quotes, Notes and Allusions

Quotes (2)

  • Margaret: You know, also, we sound so critical. We know how hard it is. Bravo to you guys for surviving the boot camp that is Top Design.

  • Andrea: I'd love Ondine to win. Because if she does win, then it'll kind of feel like a victory for me… and I think she should definitely take me out for dinner and, maybe, to a great store in New York and buy me a new outfit. (laughs)

Notes (1)

  • Also Featured: Aaron Kirsch – Owner, Astek Wallcoverings

Trivia (1)

  • First Run Fan Poll: Who should win Top Design? A. Nathan 26% B. Ondine 13% C. Preston 61% (all percentages are as of the end of the episode.)

Allusions (1)

  • India: It's time to have some fun. Jonathan: Just like Samantha Fox says. This is a reference to the 1988 Samantha Fox song, "I Wanna Have Some Fun."