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  • Ryan: (watching mystery judge walk in) I wasn't wearing my glasses, and I was like, "How did they get Iggy Pop in drag, who is that?"

  • Michael: I hate him! John: Well, you know what honey? I'm not in love with you either, baby doll.

  • Andrea: We have two days to do this challenge. Which is to me the design equivalent of a minute. (laughs)

  • Kelly: (to Michael) When I first saw the room, I felt like I walked in an assisted living facility.

  • Michael: I like your lights. Matt: You don't like anything else? Michael: No. Matt: Whatever.

  • Michael: It takes a village of gay designers to build a cabana.

  • Goil: (about his team) Ryan is not a team player, and Carisa is not a team play. No team players here!

  • Carisa: Well, St. Tropez is like really, really classy, and… Ryan: There's like topless women and motorboats, man!

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  • The remaining designers select carpenters who will be with them until elimination or final win: Carisa – Carl Mueller Andrea – Blair Toland Matt – Ed Schoen Goil – Sarah Miller Ryan – Robert Menna Michael – Cary Kirk Erik – Jared Dostie

  • Matt's carpenter Blair was injured during episode 8 and unable to work during episode 9. Matt's carpenter for episode 9 was Sarah (Goil's pervious carpenter). Blair will return to help Matt for the final episode.

  • Also Featured: Aaron Kirsch – Owner, Astek Wallcoverings

Trivia (11)

  • Challenge: Design Inner Sanctum for a Celebrity Mystery Client Based on Five Items. Mode: Teams of two, randomly assigned. Budget: $50,000 for furnishings and accessories; $1,250 for paint and lumber. Time Frame: Two days. Parameters: The five items can only be used as inspiration, not as part of the design.

  • Challenge: Design and Build a Bedroom, Including Bed. Mode: Individual, with randomly assigned clients. Budget: $8,000 for furnishings, $400 for materials & supplies, $300 for linens and accessories ($400 for Elizabeth and Goil). Parameters: 12x12 ft room, initial design and PDC purchases based on profile, before face to face with client.

  • Challenge: Design and Build a Beach Cabana. Mode: Team, randomly assigned. Day One: Sketch cabana at the studio in 30 minutes, shop for materials, furniture and accessories, then build and disassemble cabana. Day Two: Reassemble cabana at the beach. Budget: $2,000 for fabric and materials, $3,500 for furniture and accessories at Pier 1 Imports. Judges' Criteria: Originality, ingenuity, and how well the destination city is incorporated into the design.

  • Challenge: Design Post-College Living Space for Design Students. Mode: Individual, with random client assignment. Restrictions: 12x12 ft space must incorporate eating, sleeping and working, and reflect the client's tastes after a 20-minute consultation. Budget: $700 for fabric and supplies, $500 used at garage sales for furniture and accessories.

  • Challenge: Redesign a Garage for a new GMC Acadia. Mode: Team of all the designers. Budget: $5,100 for the total design. Day One: Create 3D model of design in two hours. Winning designer becomes team leader and gets immunity. Build everything that must be completed in advance using the remaining five-and-a-half hours. Day Two: Clear and set up garage in six-and-a-half hours.

  • Challenge: Design a Party for Bacardi Limon. Mode: Two teams of three. Budget: $8,500 for total design. Design Space: 30 ft by 40 ft tent. Parameters: Design must incorporate all five senses.

  • Challenge: Design a Chef's Table for a Mystery Client. Mode: Individual Budget: $40,000 for furnishings, accessories and tableware; $2,000 for materials. Time Frame: Two days. Parameters: Incorporate Arts & Crafts Movement with Mid-Century Modern.

  • Challenge: Design a Luxury Hotel Suite. Mode: Individual, with randomly chosen elements. Time Frame: Three days. Budget: $30,000 for furnishings and accessories; $3,000 for linens; $1,550 for fabric, paint and lumber. Parameters: Incorporate one of the four elements – air, earth, water and fire into the design.

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Allusions (2)

  • Goil: It really felt like Jan Brady… and I don't want to be Jan Brady! This is a reference to The Brady Bunch, where Jan as the middle girl complained of being left out. Her most recognized lament, "Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!" occurred in the episode, "Her Sister's Shadow".

  • India: It's time to have some fun. Jonathan: Just like Samantha Fox says. This is a reference to the 1988 Samantha Fox song, "I Wanna Have Some Fun."