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BBC (Holiday Event 1964)
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  • S 43 : Ep 46

    Christmas Special 2011

    Aired 12/25/11

  • S 43 : Ep 45

    Top of the Pops: The Story of 1976

    Aired 4/1/11

  • S 43 : Ep 44

    Big Hits: TOTP 1964 to 1975

    Aired 4/1/11

  • S 43 : Ep 43

    Christmas Special 2010

    Aired 12/25/10

  • S 43 : Ep 42

    New Year's Eve Special 2009

    Aired 12/31/09

  • Cast & Crew
  • Fearne Cotton

    Presenter [2003-]

  • Jamie Theakston

    Presenter [1997-2003]

  • Zoë Ball

    Presenter [1997-1998]

  • David Jacobs

    Presenter [1964-1966]

  • Anthea Turner

    Presenter [1988-1991]

  • show Description
  • "It's still number one, it's Top of the Pops!"On Wednesday 1st January 1964 at 6.35pm, the BBC Television service (now BBC One) broadcast the first episode of Top of the Pops live from a disused church in Manchester. The show was only supposed to last a few episodes. Instead it exceeded all expectations, revolutionised music fans lives and become the longest running music show in the world.The original format of the show was of live preformances from the music artists headlining the charts of that week. The show always ended with a performance of the number one song. When artists were unavailable, dancing troupes were seen performing routines to the songs.40+ years on, after several image changes the show still follows a similar format, with the exception of the dancing troupes which have long since been made obsolete by the ability to pre-record artist performances and also the invention of promotional videos. In its final year the show also began to focus more on performances of upcoming releases rather than what was currently in the charts, reducing the amount of 'repeat performances'. Regardless, the show always ended with the 'number one' song.The show is currently being rested following low ratings with the Christmas specials remaining intact. Speculation was rife at the time of its weekly show axing that the show may, at some stage, return.SpinoffsAs well as rival shows appearing over time, there have been many spin-offs from the show itself..Top of the Pops 2 Top of the Pops 2, had the voice talents of Radio DJ, Steve Wright, classic archive performances would be shown. Sometimes artists would film special clips to be shown throughout the 45 minute programme. Now that Top of the Pops has moved to Sundays on BBC 2, Top of the Pops 2's idea of archive performances has been mixed in with live new performances.Top of the Pops Plus Commencing October 2000 and running for two years, Top of the Pops Plus aimed to be interactive, letting viewers of the show on BBC TWO and UKPlay, to choose the playlist and vote for their favourite artists.Top of the Pops Saturday (click here for the guide) Originally airing as part of CBBC's The Saturday Show, Simon Grant & Fearne Cotton presented the 45 minute competition to ITV's CD:UK.Top of the Pops Reloaded Commencing Saturday 10th September 2005, a new look Saturday morning version of Top of the Pops featuring artist interviews, live perfomances and a behind the scenes look at the filming of the previous weeks Top of the Pops. In March 2006, Reloaded ended after a run of 28 weeks. The BBC has also licenced the name and branding of Top of the Pops to many different countries including USA, Germany, France and The Netherlands and offers the show as a package deal to any other countries interested in having their own slice of Top of the Pops.moreless

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  • Quotes (85)

    • Tommy Vance: Do you like disco, Roger? Roger Daltrey: Oh, I hate it! Tommy Vance: Well, that's a shame, because here's the Village People, and Can't Stop The Music!

    • Jimmy Saville (wise man): Hey, hey, hey! Now listen, listen to me carefully. I said twenty years ago that we were here to stay and I was right okay? So I'm telling you book your seats now! Book your seats now for the year 2002 for the 2000th edition of Top of the Pops and we'll still be around!

    • Simon Mayo: Well you can always tell when spring is here. Firstly the weather gets atrocious, secondly there are huge queues on the M4 and thirdly, the Eurovision Song Contest turns up.

    • Simon Mayo: I'm sure there was something alive up her dress, that was Hazell Dean.

    • Geri Halliwell: (being chased by camera through corridors) No way! (to the rest of the Spice Girls) Hey we've got a camera following us! Director: Okay that's it. Geri: Bye! CUT!

    • Jayne Middlemiss: (start of the early morning repeat) It's late, but it's worth waiting up for; Still number one, it's Top of the Pops!

    • Jayne Middlemiss: Feeling a bit frisky because Santa's got stuck up her Chimney, I dunno who the Tamperer is, but this is Mya.

    • Jamie: Now, this next chap's a young lad from Stoke, we're predicting big things for him but he is a little bit nervous so, please give him a very warm welcome, his name is Robbie... (looks for a prompt) Robbie Williams! And here he is here. Err, Robbie? Sorry to interrupt, welcome to the show. Now, I want to talk about your new video. (Robbie mouths the words "I've had them" whilst pointing at some female stars behind him) Jamie: Now, there's no ice skating in there is there? Robbie: There's no ice skating in there, no there is isn't. There most certainly isn't! Jamie:. But what is there in there? Robbie: Erm... Jamie: Can you tell us? Robbie: Erm, no not really, I think I'll let you watch it. Jamie: Okay, but I do have to warn you, if you are of a nervous disposition, you might wanna look away. This is 'Rock DJ'. That rhymes!

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    Notes (433)

    • Sister Act: Broadcast live from a disused church in Manchester. This would be the show's base until 1967.

    • Gone but not forgotten: Owing to the BBC's former policy of "wiping" old tapes, there is no surviving footage from this episode The earliest surviving footage of Top of the Pops, is two performances from 26th February 1964.

    • Exact Time: This episode was broadcast at 6:36 pm.

    • The performances of Billy J Kramer & The Dakotas 'Little Children' and Dave Clark 5 'Bits & Pieces' are the earliest surviving video recordings the BBC have in their archives for Top of the Pops. These recordings were most likely saved because the artists requested their own copies.

    • The Moody Blues - Go now Clip is the only clip which exists from this episode and was shown on sounds of the sixties

    • Gerry And The Pacemakers - Ferry Cross The Mersey clip still exists from this episode. It has been shown on sounds of the sixties and totp2

    • Brian Poole And The Tremeloes - Three Bells Del Shannon - Keep Searchin Manfred Mann - Come Tomorrow These 3 clips still exist from this episode. These have been shown on sounds of the sixties and totp2 and in the bbc archives

    • The Rolling Stones - The Last Time clip still exists from this episode. It has been shown on sounds of the sixties and totp2 and VH1

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    Trivia (198)

    • Amongst other BBC shows, this episode was repeated as part of Channel 5's prime time schedule on Boxing Day 2010.

    • Goof: Someone let Shania Twain believe it was Top of the Pops' birthday (which is in fact 1st January, not 13th September) so she appropriately wished Happy Birthday to Top of the Pops. Not only that but someone decided to broadcast it unedited too.

    • Goof: Status Quo are repeatedly announced to have been on the show 106 times. A more accurate figure would in fact be in the eighties, possibly 86 (if the official Top of the Pops website database is to be believed). This goof is echoed within the edition that holds Status Quo's next appearance in September 2005, when Fearne Cotton announced they've been on the show "Over a hundered times". Where this innacurate figure is sourced from is a mystery.

    • Christmas Number 1: Girls Aloud 'Sound of the Underground'

    • Number 1 of 2002: Will Young 'Evergreen'.

    • Christmas Number 1: Michael Andrews feat Gary Jules - 'Mad World'.

    • Number 1 of 2003: Black Eyed Peas - 'Where is the Love'

    • Christmas Number 1: Band Aid 20 'Do They Know It's Christmas?'

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    Allusions (20)

    • TV Show: The X-Files Catatonia's song references the characters Mulder and Scully from the hit Sci-Fi show 'The X-Files'. As a nod to this, the Top of the Pops set which Catatonia appear on is adorned with huge posters of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in their character roles.

    • Movie: Alice in Wonderland Mya appears dressed as Alice from 'Alice In Wonderland' complete with (stuffed) dog, at some point in the performance the clothes get torn off (revealing a red sexy number) and the dog gets thrown to the back of the stage... but if you give just £1 a month to the RSPCA...

    • TV Show: EastEnders The set of the infamous long running BBC soap 'EastEnders' is featured at the beginning of the 'Fat Les' performance.

    • Presenters: Kevin & Perry Joining Jamie Theakston as presenters for this edition are fictional characters Kevin and Perry performed by Harry Enfield and Kathy Burke. The characters originally featured in the sketch show Harry Enfield's Television Programme and the motion picture 'Kevin & Perry Go Large'.

    • Caption: Elvis Costello is the son of British bandleader Ross McManus who was best known for performing a lemonade ad jingle in the 70s. Reference to the infamous 1970s TV commercial for 'R Whites' Lemonade.

    • Movie: 'Singin' In The Rain' The infamous umbrella scene from the movie 'Singin' in the Rain' is superimposed over the Mint Royale promotional video for the song of the same name.

    • Phill Jupitus: "Can it be 10 years since the 'Brit-pop wars' ravaged our once tranquil country? Yes it was, and back then it was Blur that won the battle and once again Damon Albarn has taken those Gallagher's down to number 5 because at number one... it's Gorillaz!" Phill is referring to a time in the mid 1990s when Oasis and Blur consistantly fought for the Number One position by always releasing their songs at the same time.

    • Phill Jupitus: Miss Church likes to start her evenings out with a beverage called the 'Cheeky Vimto'. A ‘Cheeky Vimto’ is a cocktail served in many bars. It consists of a double shot of Ruby Port and a bottle of Blue WKD mixed together in a half pint glass. The result is a highly alcoholic drink that looks and tastes similar to ‘Vimto’ which is a popular British soft drink.

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  • Fan Reviews (3)
  • TOTP has been given a bad deal lately. If the BBC could just sort out the air times and promotion then i'm sure it could be successful again!

    By Sellyina, Apr 14, 2006

  • I LOVE IT!!!!!!

    By Chodogirl, Jan 31, 2006

  • Once was the best music programme on tv now its dated and still the same as it was back in the 60's or whenever is started. Times have changed and top of the pops need too.

    By binstig, Nov 17, 2005

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