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    why was it canceled

    By ishtar1light1, Jun 22, 2014

    why when a tv show is really good it gets canceled, no fair.

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    Mixed bag

    By yoginikat, Jan 28, 2014

    Torchwood Season 1 was excellent, perhaps because it remained faithful to Russell T. Davies' vision. Season 2's storyline was uneven and uninspired and the acting was mediocre. Season 3's Children of the Earth offered a fitting ending to the series. Bringing it back in the . was a risk that didn't pay off. It left many diehard Torchwood fans with a sour taste.

    Rather than hope for a return of another mediocre season of Torchwood, let's hope that RTD becomes once again inspired to write more sci-fi of the same caliber as the best of Dr. Who and Torchwood. Some things are best left as memories.moreless

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    Bring it back

    By tyrag2, Jan 14, 2014

    Just watched the whole series. Loved it, but they need to stay out of the US!!! Much better in the UK!!!

    I hope they decide to bring it back again!!!! It was an awesome series!!! And now there are so many more questions that need to be answered!!!

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    Can anyone please tell me...

    By Haloprogram, Nov 26, 2013

    How come season 4 hasn't got all 10 episodes in the episode guide? If someone could send me a message that would be highly appreciated.

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    Give us an update or end it!!!

    By lawrencepd, Jan 30, 2013

    Seriously, the network should tell us if they plan on killing this spinoff altogether or continuing it. Torchwood has always been the "Darker Side" of the Doctor Who universe, but since Doctor Who episodes have had a darker/more adult theme lately I'm wondering if Torchwood is still needed. Honestly, I can't say that I've missed it that much. So many characters have been killed off and the Miracle day miniseries wasn't that great. If they get a new cast of characters and give the show a life of it's own like it had when they first started, I'd be interested in watching it again. Either way, just tell us what's going on.moreless

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    Love this show

    By smokeyplanet, Jan 10, 2013

    I loe this show. Love all the characters.

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    What's going on with Torchwood?

    By NickProudfoot, Dec 31, 2012

    Is this show coming back on or what ffs?

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    love Jack Harkness, hate everything else about the series

    By JoyDouthwaite, Aug 25, 2012

    When the show tries to be dramatic, it's just super depressing. Other than that, it's uninteresting, and the ream falls far short of being heroes.

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  • 9.5 it just a spinoff?

    By MsSpikester, Aug 19, 2012

    In answer to my question: Is it just a spinoff? The answer is absolutely not. The difference between Doctor Who and Torchwood have an obvious difference to those who have seen both shows. Doctor Who has a lighthearted feel at times with serious information put in every episode. Torchwood has serious information with a lighthearted feel thrown in every episode. From the very beginning, I have been aware of all of the characters. They all have very important functions on the team, and they all have their own individual problems. Whether they like it or not, their personal problems impact everything they do in their jobs. *Spoiler Alert!* At the end of Season 2 during "Exit Wounds," we have seen the loss of both Tosh and Owen, both of them being vital members of the Torchwood organization. Of the many Torchwood fans in America, I am interested in finding out how they have continued to function due to the now defunct members of the original team.

    I started watching Torchwood when I heard James Marsters was going to be a guest star, and being a Doctor Who inquisitor, decided to watch both shows to catch up on what was going on. I was very pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed both shows, and am now dedicated to each show that is produced. I am by no means an expert on either show, but I will continue to enjoy them for a long time.moreless

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