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    Totally Spies? Eh, nostalgic as a kid but now not so great.

    By sutekikihaku, May 29, 2014

    Totally Spies is a show about three girls: Sam, Clover and Alex. Basically they are high school/college girls who were hired by WOOHP to fight crime and they also have to deal with the challenges their daily lives throw at them.

    I do admit that I used to enjoy this show as a kid but I have recently watched a few episodes and now I think this show is actually generic and stereotypical. I think that this show should

    improve in certain areas and I will explain more in detail. Also, I have decided to add a new topic in the reviews I post in the future: Animation.


    Samantha 'Sam' Simpson, Clover Enwing and Alex Vasquez are three high school/college girls who are the best of friends. They are also spies for WOOHP, an organisation led by Jerry which is dedicated to fighting crime. As well as dealing with crime, these girls also have to deal with the challenges and chaos in school, especially when their arch-enemy Mandy is around!

    OK, so the plot seems like it makes sense but it is quite generic because we've already had other shows where the main characters were spies such as Kim Possible for example and it's also becoming repetitive in every episode. So now I will continue the review by talking about the main characters:


    The characters are stereotypical (as usual) and they pretty much have little personality. In my opinion, the characters should've had more development but I will explain in detail:

    Samantha 'Sam' Simpson: She is the stereotypical girl who is the smartest out of the gang. She's also the leader in the spy missions due to the fact that she has the brains but sometimes she's kind of bossy and rude (but not as rude as Clover or Mandy). Overall, she's pretty much the cookie-cutter good girl and I've had enough of cookie-cutter 'good girl' characters on TV already.

    Clover Enwing: She is basically the girl who's obsessed with fashion, boys and taking down Mandy in a fight. She annoys me sometimes due to the fact that she's a bit narcissistic but she is somehow there for her friends when it counts. Sometimes her catchphrases like 'whatever' and 'totally' annoy me aswell and I think she would be a better character if she wasn't a narcissistic boy-crazed freak.

    Alex Vasquez: Alex is the tomboy of the group. She is 50% boy-crazy but she's also the type of person that enjoys sports and all those kinds of stuff. Sometimes she doesn't really seem like she's friends with Sam and Clover and she's basically the third wheel of the group so that's all I have to say about her.

    Jerry: He is the leader of WOOHP and he is the one who explains the missions to the spies and stuff. I can't say much about him either other than the fact that he's a bit bossy sometimes.

    GLADIS: She's the robotic gadget distribution device and that's all I can say.

    Mandy: I hate this bitch so much. She is more of a narcissist than Clover. She's basically the queen bee and she always tries to take down Clover in their petty fights. Mandy also has her friends (Caitlin and Dominique) following her around and when they didn't show up anymore, Mandy's southern cousin Mindy became part of her little 'followers' group aswell. Mandy also treats people like shit and she looks down on them as if they're beneath her. Sometimes I don't understand why Clover doesn't put this little shit in her place. Also, Mandy is a cross between Molly Garfunkel from Nickelodeon's 'How to Rock' and Lexi Reed from Disney's 'ANT Farm'.

    Arnold: He is the stereotypical nerd and he serves as a punching bag for everyone just because he interferes with the missions.

    Villains: Most of the villains in the show are pretty stupid. They often have some of the worst reasons to eliminate the spies and they don't even put up a fight. They always lose and it just gets boring and sometimes I root for them to win because I'm fed up of seeing Alex, Clover and Sam win.


    The animation isn't so bad in my opinion but one of the things I must ask is: Why do the main characters wear brightly coloured spy suits? If they're spies then obviously they should wear darker suits so they can blend in with their surroundings. If an actual spy in real life wore either Sam's green suit, Clover's red suit or Alex's yellow suit then they would easily be caught and then they would be defeated in battle.


    I have nothing to say in this area.

    Moral values:

    Nothing to say here either.


    Overall, I was planning to give this show a 5 but I've decided to narrow it down to a 3 because of the stereotypes and generic plots the creators added in the show.


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    Only loved by Nostalgia!! They're spies yet dress in the three brightest colors in the world!!

    By ReviewGuy, Jan 30, 2014

    I use to like this show when I was younger but now I can't even sit through a minute of it. I hate All the girls. They are the most shallow boy obsessed losers I've ever seen, later in life they would either be single or divorced if this was real life, hilariously they are all single in that episode when they go to the future. Sam is just annoying, Clover is a walking stereotype, and Alex is the stupid Token Minority who is always the third wheel in everything. The show is very repetitive, the villain does something before the opening, the girls have a normal life problem, Jerry calls them, gives them gadgets that will somehow coincidentally save them later, Terrible spying happens (They are the worst pies ever! They're spies yet dress in the three brightest colors in the world!!) They get tied up (because they are the worst spies ever) Jerry's plot device saves them, They beat the bad guy, They solve they normal life problem everyone laughs, repeat.

    I hate all the characters the girls are stuck up and shallow, Mandy and her friends (And later cousin Mindy) are bitches, Arnold's a loser. All the other guys on the show are feminine looking love interest that have no personality and stay for one episode.

    The villains have personally no personality and are complete idiots. They also have the worst motives (a guy getting rejected by a girl, wanting a guy to like her) They are generic and Saturday cartoon similar.

    This show is trash, final score 1/10moreless

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    It is a fun show to watch

    By Raven77, Oct 29, 2013

    I gotta say, the show was very exciting as it felt like you have your three average girls who try to live a double life. It was one of the shows I liked to watch when I was younger.

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    Totally golden

    By JacobBrize, Aug 15, 2013

    Awesome show with three beautiful girls that are just so fab to watch nonstop action package spy fun felt.

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    Loved this show!

    By ttlyMe1, May 17, 2013

    Oh, how I loved this show! IT was definitely one of my favorite shows of all times, besides Ed Edd n Eddy and Spogebob. I loved everything about this show, the girls(Clover being my favorite), the gadgets(they were always so cute and stylish), and the missions. And when I found out that this show came from France, I was like double-YES! I"ve been taking high school French for 3 years now, so I even decided to watch a couple of episodes in French and it was awesome because I was able to understand most of it. *Sniff sniff* I was so sad when this show ended. But, I am still yet to watch the movie! I don't think it has come out in English yet, but I can always try to watch it in French, so no worries!moreless

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    By Musix, May 15, 2013

    the amazing spiez is also very awesome and funny think that totally spies is better!!!! :)

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    Look at all the pretty colors!

    By metamorphstorm, Oct 22, 2012

    Totally Spies is one of those shows that's very obviously made for kids. The high-pitched voices, lack of actual violence despite situations that would call for it in reality, and all of the pretty colors make it kid-friendly.

    The animation itself is fun, too. Much of it is realistic, and what isn't still manages to be funny and entertaining. I would rate the show as a 10 for its plots (even though some were sort of lame) but I have to give it a 9 simply because many of the situations the spies ended up in were, if the show was geared towards adults, ones that would seriously imply forced sexual situations. But, more than that, this show portrays all three girls as incredibly superficial. While they do pull their act together in time to save the world, you can bet they'll be back to pretentious "deepness" while we wait for the expected shallow-ness to kick in. As a girl, I found myself cringing even as a preteen at many of the ways these girls behaved. If boys take their cue from this show, they'll have no idea how to talk to a real one. I don't know of any real-life girls who act like the spies do, but it *is* a cartoon. Do any of you really expect people to try and take over the world using nail polish, shoes, pizza, or chocolate? If so, maybe TS is *too* mature for you.

    All that said, Totally Spies is still awesome. The animation, personalities (the real ones, when they show through) unique plots, and the frequency at which these girls "fall in love" upon spotting a cute guy round out the show in a more positive than negative way. The romance stuff squicks me out a bit even as an adult now, considering it's so appearance-based, but overall, this show is greatly entertaining and fun to watch. :)moreless

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    why Stuart snyder

    By DeangeloHill1, Jul 17, 2012

    even though Ima boy and I aint gay this was maahh... show i loved this show so much with the detectives and the mision a signing butler or what ever it's just been a long time

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    Totally Spies is a cartoon about three Beverly Hills girls who are "secretly" spies for the agency of WHOOP. Their boss is a British man named Jerry who often gives them odd gagdets as they set out on equally odd missions.

    By rehmhc, Dec 20, 2011

    I hate people who are not objective in their scores. There many shows I do not like but I am willing to admit that this is a matter of personal preference rather than actual quatilty. It is only when I find a show that is, for lack of a better word, hopelessly flawed that I will admit to outright loathing. Normally I do not write reviews but after seeing this show get any praise I feel it is necessary to do my part to help others avoid this show. Perhaps I can even convince some current fans of the show of its repugnance. That being said I was originally a fan of Totally spies and watched whenever I could. You may ask yourself why if I hate show so much was I ever a fan. Truth, I am a sucker for cute girls especially girls similar to anime. It was this that lead me to try Sailor Moon and the Powerpuff Girls. I've noticed that most of the reviews of this show mention only nonanime cartoons so it is possible that some of this show's fans are also anime haters. Let me tell you one thing, and this the only time I will make a direct comparison between Totally Spies and another show, I have watched seventy episodes of Sailor Moon and believe it to be a repetitive, mildly amusing show for lttle children so keeping that I think that lowly of Sailor Moon and still like it think about how horrible Totally Spies must have been for someone as accepting as me to hate it. The plot of every episode is nearly identical; girls are called on mission, girls find villian's hideout, girls are captured, villian leaves the room and girls escape in time to stop the villain. The repetitiveness of this show might be excusable if it had some interesting characters in it. However the characters in this show range from shallow to stereotyped. It might actually be a fun game to watch this show and see who can find the most cliches and stereotypes. For starters look at the main characters; we have Clover the dumb blonde who doubles as the ditzy valley girl, Alex the token minority, and Sam who is so shallow she does not even qualify as a stereotype. In all honestly I can think of one characteristic that differs Sam from either Clover or Alex aside from that she generally more competent than either of her friends though really just stupid except with a monotone voice as opposed to Clover's stereotypical valley girl accent and Alex who sounds like she has a cold. Their boss Jerry is the standard British butler except he gives orders instead of taking them. The villains are horrible caricatures even for a cartoon. Several episodes actually have the spies pursuing villains who would never even be arrested in real life. One villains stands up women while another makes fattening cookies. I guess Oreo and dishonest guys are international criminals in the world of Totally Spies. I did not think even the Nazis were that strict. The thing that truly offended me is the horrible attitudes that saturate this show. I like shows like South Park but there is a difference here; audience. I will tolerate South Park because it is obviously an adult comedy that no little kid should see. Totally Spies is definately a children's show at heart so it teaches children terrible morales. For example, anyone who is not a jock or a supermodel is hopelessly stereotyped and treated as ugly. I think cliques are something children should be discouraged from rather than pushed into. The show will try to do good morals but usually ends up ruining them. For example, one episode "Wild Style" tries to give the moral that you should accept others for who they are and not go by what is fashionable. In the episode Clover tries to win a guy who like tall women from another girl named Mandy. In the end the guy become afraid of tall women and therefore takes Clover over the heightened Mandy. So the moral is that you should not alter yourself because the likes of the public are prone to change. This includes the fact that the guy's sole reason for accepting Clover over Mandy in the end has nothing to do with either's personality simply their size. Perhaps the writers of the show realized that no real guy would ever choose either Mandy or Clover as they are both portrayed as equally shallow and ditzy. Refereing back to the cliche game here is a new one; Mandy the mean popular girl. Interestingly the guy Clover is with is never mentioned in future episodes neither are any of the other guys she is seen with. That is another attitude the show spreads; boyfriends are like tissue, only there for your personal convenience. I cannot wait to see what someone who lives like these girls ends up as. Now for my one compliment of the show, the animation. The animation is pretty fluid and I think fairly good. Sorry for all you fans of Totally Spies, but in blunt honesty I think you've been brainwashed by the flashing lights. I hope you can realize one day that Big Brother is NOT watching you.moreless

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