Totally Spies!

Ski Trip

Season 2, Ep 20, Aired 4/28/04
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  • Episode Description
  • While they were looking forward to a fun weekend away from WOOHP the school ski trip becomes a disaster when Sam, Clover and Alex find themselves sharing a room with Mandy. If that's not bad enough one of their old enemies has escaped and is looking for revenge so they have to avoid getting killed and capture Dr Gelee without tipping off any of their classmates that anything strange is happening.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Andrea Baker


  • Jennifer Hale

    Sam / Mandy

  • Jess Harnell


  • Katie Leigh


  • Simon Templeman

    Dr. Gilee

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  • Trivia & Quotes
  • Quotes (10)

    • Clover: (removing earphone) Ow! That voice! My ears, my ears! Ugh, do these earrings have a mute button?
      Alex: It sounds like Mandy's mouth is exactly due south.

    • Mandy: No way, I am not playing any more chess!
      Gelee: As my hostage, you are in no position to refuse. Besides, it's rude.
      Mandy: Uh, well excuse me if getting kidnapped was not on my to-do list today. Besides, you're not even good at this game.
      Gelee: You will play chess, and you will like it.
      Mandy: Read my chapped lips.(flips over table)No!

    • Alex: Come on, girls, we've got a villain to catch.
      Clover: Yeah, and another one to save.

    • (Sam and David are riding the tram together.)
      Sam: (giggling) So, David, this resort's pretty cool, huh?
      David: Yeah, but to build it they probably had to cut down old forests, which in turn probably left a lot of endangered species homeless.
      Sam: Oh. Well… Ah, the view is pretty romantic. It'd be nice to have a…a guy to share it with.
      (Tram arrives and doors open as people disembark.)
      David: Don't give up, Sam. I'll keep my eyes open for ya.
      Sam: (standing alone in tram stunned) Aw, crash and burn. Next year I'm taking Flirting 101. I am so not good at this.

    • Mandy: Don't feel bad, Clover. We can't all have a one-of-a-kind designer's outfit. Clover: One of a kind? Her ski outfit is identical to my spy outfit!

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    Notes (1)

    • Aired on June 22, 2003 on Teletoon.

    Trivia (5)

    • This is the second and presumably last appearance of Dr. Gelee (from "The Iceman Cometh"). He is apparently killed after he fires a laser, which reflects on Alex and Mandy's award plaque, causing an avalanche to crush him.

    • In this episode, Mandy and the girls almost become best friends, and it's actually one of the few episodes in which Mandy is actually nice towards them.

    • Mandy was very curious about Alex's relatively ordinary WOOHP issue snowboard so why didn't she say a word about the Lipstick Laser that Clover used to cut her free? -Remember, Mandy was about wetting herself when Clover cut her free. By the time she and Alex are on the snowboard, she's had some time to calm down, and she's probably curious as to where Alex got it.

    • Gelee spent a lot of time with Clover in "Iceman Cometh", so how come he didn't notice any changes (hair, voice, personality) when he kidnapped Mandy? He doesn't even realize that he has the wrong girl until she asks him who he is. - He obviously hasn't seen them in a great deal of time... He even had white hair, when he formerly had brown, so chance is that he simply forgot exactly what she looked like

    • Goof: Dr. Gelee's hair was brown in the episode "The Iceman Cometh", but since then stress has supposedly turned his hair white. Yet in the brief flashback in which Clover sees herself and Dr. Gelee playing chess, his hair is white instead of brown.

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