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    Quite an great episode.

    By BrendanMurphy1, Jul 29, 2013

    That episode had it's good moments. Seeing Kiefer and Annie Wersching together again in there post-24 scenes brings up memories of their scenes together in 24. Wersching did a very phenomenal job on that episode as a doctor whose father is on death row, like she did with Renee Walker on 24. Her scenes with her on-screen father for the last time in that prison was sad yet very remarkable.

    I know a couple of things for sure. After Kiefer's character in that show, Martin Bohm, learned about Lucy's death in it's climax. That was a sad part. Not to mention Jake seeing Amelia and learning that her mother got killed. That episode was something great on that show.moreless

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    Episode: Clockwork

    By sndbay, Mar 31, 2013

    1st I was very disappointed that Lucy is gone! Looking forward to further episodes and enjoyed the current clockwork episode. Will the clock continue to be a connection device in numbers for each episode?.. From the value that was established I would assume the answer is yes. One other question I have is, if the special 36 have to remain for the earth to exist, then how could they have so many being killed. (or) is it that at least 1 out of the 36? Great showmoreless

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  • 9.5


    By Dec1964, Mar 31, 2013

    Avril is such a good man, (I hope i got his name right). So it wasn't about Phillip being sentenced to death in prison, he built the clock for the other 36. As for Astrocorp i cannot wait to see Martin bring them down, (If He Can). At the very end he found out about Lucy's death & Jake saw Amelia. Just my opinion, seeing how we never saw Lucy being shot dead by Tony's henchmen, is there a slight chance that Lucy mite not have been killed. (Just a Thought). Really This Is Such A Good Show, We Need A Season - 3. Come On FOX. Exceptional Episode.moreless

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