Zone of Exclusion

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    Zone of Exclusion

    By TrueTvWatcher, Sep 20, 2012

    Zone of Exclusion was yet another perfect episode of Touch. I really enjoyed the plot lines, Jake's narrations, and the other wonderful, beautiful and amazing characters who are brought together. I love the story telling theme and process. There is a lot of emotion and connection with the characters and their situations. It was great to see an astronaut and a NYC Cab Dispatcher connect. This episode keeps pace with the series so far and has many awesome scenes which really showcase the traits of humanity, both ugly and beautiful. It was awesome how Jake brought the twins together. The cab driver was and father of the twins and was a sad man for whatever he had done. It's interesting to see how close people are connected and don't even realize. I like the intrigue, drama, and real life situations the characters face. It seems Clea and her boss don't see eye to eye and I now there are changes anything could happen. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!moreless

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    Maybe not flawless, but very close!

    By amazing_race, Jun 10, 2012

    Well I definitely think I enjoyed the previous one (or was it the one before?) more than this, but this has to be right up there with the best of them! Great connections as usual, and a very heart-warming ending in more than one way, even though a big bombsheell is dropped on Clea.

    The storylines were phenomenal and absolutely impeccable. THe scenes with the screen in Paris were done to absolute perfection! Couldn't have asked for any more than this! Keep it up, Touch! Great show, and great episode! I highly recommend it! :)moreless

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    Love the show but...

    By leah242424, Jun 03, 2012

    ...please hire Australian actors to play Australians. The accents in this episode were horrific.

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