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Quotes (6)

  • [To Carrie referring to Denise and Shannon fighting.] Marge: You're worried about your friends aren't you honey? I'd be worried about them too, except one, I'm working and two, I don't give a rat's ass.

  • Denise: Well, I'm going to kill him. Carrie: What's going on? Denise: Ryan wants to postpone the wedding. Seems he didn't realize that the Lakers are playing the Celetics that night. Carrie: Come on, Denise it's just pre-wedding jitters. Ryan's going to marry you. Denise: No, he won't, because he'll be dead.

  • Denise: Ryan wants to get a sleazy stripper for his bachelor party. Ryan: It’s not sleazy sleazy. It’s fun sleazy. Denise: What’s the difference? Ryan: Hundred bucks.

  • Marge: Hey! What were all these shrimp doing in the trash? Shannon: They were sitting out in the sun all day. Marge: Answer the question.

  • Carrie: You're such a slut. Shannon: I am not a slut...I'm just a quick judge of character.

  • Jesse: Got that spill on 14, Mom. Marge: Jesse, I told you not to call me that. Jesse: Sorry. I thought that was just at home.

Notes (2)

  • Townies was filmed at CBS Radford Studios in Los Angeles, California.

  • Scheduled to air on December 18, 1996. Some sources credit this episode as having aired, but ABC pulled the plug and substituted another sitcom in its place.