Transformers Energon

A Tale Of Two Heroes

Season 1, Ep 18, Aired 7/3/04
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  • Episode Description
  • After failing to reach an agreement between Optimus Prime and Rodimus, Rodimus left Miranda II, overhearing the conversation between Rodimus and Prowl, Ironhide and Kicker learnt that Team Rodimus is planning to meet up with Alpha Q. Believing this will be the chance to learn the truth about the mysterious Alpha Q. Ironhide tried to stowaway on Rodimus's ship, little did he know that Rodimus knew about him all along but decides to allow him to tag along, saying "Sometimes those that change the future are the young people that everyone think they are naive and rash."Meanwhile, Rodimus's ship arrived at the Alpha Q's hideout, Unicron's head.Miranda II arrived at the coordinates where the Decepticons' part of the Unicron is, Megatron however, welcome their arrival, saying the Unicron is ready to be awake and the Autobots arrived just in time to become it's first victim. Before Unicron is fully activated, Megatron sent all the Terrocons and Decepticons to engage the Autobots.Under the watchful eyes of Alpha Q and Rodimus, Ironhide made his way to Alpha Q. Rodimus assured Alpha Q that Ironhide is one that will understand his cause if he meets Alpha Q, he also believed Ironhide will be a worthy warrior. Alpha Q, not really convinced, prefers to test the potential of Roadbuster and sent Scorponok after him. Realized by now he is exposed, Ironhide continued on and faced the first obstacle, the Cruellocks.In space, Kicker asked Mischa to launch all the remaining Energon in reserve, though not enough to power the Energon grid. Kicker instead used the framented pieces as explosives, hurling them towards the advancing Terrocons, and Inferno detonating them with his sniping. They continue to fight back the overwhelming Terrocons.Meanwhile, Ironhide, drawing strength from his believes that Kicker will not give up so easily, cleared the Cruellocks, only to meet Scorponok. Putting up a good fight but eventually knocked out, Ironhide managed to reach Scorponok and convinced him that he is a worthy warrior.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kirby Morrow


  • Scott McNeil

    Jetfire, Strongarm Unit, Omega Supreme

  • David Kaye

    Megatron/Galvatron, Unicron

  • Michael Dobson

    Signal Flare Unit, Starscream

  • Ron Halder

    Dr. Jones, Primus, Padlock

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    • Snowcat:Yodalaheho!!

    Notes (8)

    • Japanese Title: Confrontation! The Two Convoys

    • The soldiers shown with Rodimus are G1 characters, including: Bumblebee, Gears, and Ironhide, among many other old friends.

    • First aired on YTV on July 30, 2004.

    • Rodimus's true reason for helping Alpha Q is revealed.

    • Rodimus isnt adressed as Rodimus Prime but as "Commander" Rodimus.

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    Trivia (1)

    • The title of the episodes is mis-spelled on screen as "A Tale of Two Heros," rather than the correct "Heroes."

    Allusions (1)

    • :
      When Ironhide is wandering through the Cruellock egg chamber, the episode wordlessly makes reference to the movies "Alien" and "Godzilla (1998)"

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