Transformers Energon

Survival Instincts

Season 1, Ep 22, Aired 9/4/04
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  • Episode Description
  • Following Shockblast's successful escape, the rest of the Decepticons on Cybertron also attempted to join up with Megatron. While more than half of the Decepticons were unsuccessful while trying to leave orbit, a significant force was able to break the Energon net and left Cybertron.Drove by low Energon level (hunger), both parts of Unicron have reacted on instinct to feed. Turning to the inflitrators inside of him, many Decepticons fell. As Megatron fight to regain control, Tidal Wave blamed Shockblast for all this and fired on him, before Shockblast retaliate, Megatron stopped them and vowed that he will bend Unicron to his will!! On the other end, Alpha Q also lost control of Unicron's head unit, too afraid to escape, Alpha Q was caught in Unicron's tentacles with Scorponok remaining at his side.As the Autobots fight their way back to the ship, Optimus Prime gave Rodimus the "I told you so!" speech, while Rodimus replied "Oh Shut up!!".Before they can make it back to the ship, Rodimus's ship was destroyed long with the way to Miranda II cutoff, Optimus Prime asked that Miranda II waited them on the surface, as they make their way to the surface. Mischa figured out that Unicron's attack is purely instinct reaction based on hunger, realizing this and having something in mind, Rodimus asked that Optimus Prime assigned the Omnicons on Miranda II to him which Optimus Prime agreed. While Grand Convoy, Jetfire and Inferno returned to Cybertron to inspect the damage (and report back to Primus), Team Rodimus and Kicker with Ironhide will protect the Omnicons and proceed to the internal parts of Unicron to try and stop the attacks. Hot Shot and Mischa will remain on the surface in Miranda II to provide any support. After several narrow escapes inside Unicron's head, the Omnicons refused to proceed on and argued that they should retreat back to the surface. Just as Rodimus and Kicker are about to run out of options, Optimus Prime and Inferno returned with Arcee, assigned by Primus.Origin of Omnicons was explained by Primus to Optimus Prime, just as the Origin of Arcee, the first female Omnicon to be evolved with the power of Energon. Understanding the hardship of Omnicons working nonstop in various parts of the universe, sometime alone and helpless. Arcee was "born" as an embodiment of kindness and hope. With Arcee's appearance, she quickly rallied the Omnicons to follow her, with Kicker guiding her to the core inside Unicron's head, she led the Omnicons and have them released the Energon Stars to the core.With Energon feeded directly to the core, the "hunger" instinct was interrupted and the attacks were stopped.moreless

  • Cast & Crew
  • Kirby Morrow


  • Scott McNeil

    Jetfire, Strongarm Unit, Omega Supreme

  • David Kaye

    Megatron/Galvatron, Unicron

  • Michael Dobson

    Signal Flare Unit, Starscream

  • Ron Halder

    Dr. Jones, Primus, Padlock

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    • Starscream: What a snack.

    Notes (5)

    • Japanese Title: Out of Control! The Starving Unicron

    • We learn that the Omnicons were originally Decepticons and Autobots that gave up fighting and started mining with each other peacefully.

    • First aired on YTV on August 27, 2004.

    • Arcee is also the name of the only reoccuring female Autobot from G1.

    • Introduces Arcee

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