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    Really want an end

    By phoebezhang5, Jan 27, 2015

    Saw it few days ago and it is very good. Sad to hear it had been cut already. Hope at least we can get an end.

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    Traveler!! is awsom

    By imkate4lyf, May 14, 2011

    This show is action packed with something for everyone. Its funny and keeps you on the edge of your seat! I love it! I think it should have another season Because you cant beat it. The whole conspirisy seems unbeleivable but the way the show acts out makes it not only realistic but very beleivable sometimes. It has slot of suprises not to mention a great cast, experienced Director and a great Producer! it the only show worth watching thats on tv richt now. But its a shame that they are not thinking of bringing it back for a second season because they should it has been a hit in many contreys and there is no other word to describe this movie other than PERFECT!moreless

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    A huge man-hunt show, fortunantely without an amazing and exciting Season 1 behind (as Prison Break had).

    By ExiLeR82, May 18, 2010

    First of all, I discovered this show by accident. I was at home in a Sunday afternoon, with nothing to do when the Pilot episode has showed here in Portugal. They shown us the first three episodes in a row and I saw them without breaks.

    This show reminds me about Prison Break's Season 2... A huge man-hunt show, fortunantely without an amazing and exciting Season 1 behind (as Prison Break had), and for that reason without any disapointments. (I liked the Second Season of Prison Break, but sorry to say, disapointed me a bit!! I loved the first one).

    Bring Us the remaing series :Dmoreless

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    Writer's Strike hits again...

    By connierc, Jun 15, 2009

    Yet another show that had GREAT potential, had me waiting each week to watch - and then, poof, it disappeared. Same with SSSOOO many shows that had such tremendous potential, but lost momentum, cast and crew HAD to find work elsewhere once THE STRIKE happened, and it was never able to gain the audience it possibly could have. As someone who is involved with The Arts, I DO understand and fully agree with the Writers and the their Strike. Sadly, what they had hoped to gain did not come about, and they will not be getting the revenues from DVD sales that they should, among other items on their list. Sadly, it also effected a HUGE number of shows either in production or about to go into production, both on TV and the Big Screen, that the impact has damaged one of my favorite genres the most - the SCI-FI / FANTASY genre, which has ALWAYS had a hard time garnering the foot hold it needs to keep good shows going until they gain their footing and get over the first season hump. This show is yet one more example of that, and one I had forgotten about until seeing it on the list just now.moreless

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    Should never have been canned.

    By jsc1165, Jan 31, 2009

    This show was excellent entertainment from start to finish. Pity it had to be cut down from 13 to 8 episodes, but boy did they have me hooked each week. The thrill of the chase was great, even though we were backing the guys to get away. I was really dissapointed by the lack of effort to promote this show by ABC, if it was done right it could have run for a good while. I would love some network to bring this back to tv ASAP. It deserved far better respect from ABC, respect the fans gave to the show despite knowing it was canned already.moreless

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    Fun show wish it wasn't canceled

    By rickytux22, Oct 08, 2008

    Unfortunately, I first saw this show shortly after it was canceled, which was unfortunate. Not that I bring considerable ratings with me but I think that if more people had seen it earlier then it could have worked I don't think a ton of people knew about this show and again I could be wrong. The plot was very interesting and moved at a high pace showing the development of the two main characters during their time on the run from everyone. It's premise was similar to Prison Break in a way because they are running from the government and a group of people that are trying to frame and kill them. I wish this show was given a chance to develop more because I was very interested to see what would happen in the future for the characters. But that will unfortunately never happen.moreless

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    A show about two college friends framed for a bombing, and a third friend is mixed up in it. So as they run from the FBI, they try to find their friend and save themselves.

    By princeza_9, Oct 04, 2008

    At first the premise didn't interest me, but I'd heard it was a good show, and I like Aaron Stanford (X-Men movies), so I gave it a shot! Gripping action scenes, well-acted scenes, realistic diaglogue, and a mix of fleshed-out characters made for an excellent drama in the midst of mindless dribble. There were the obligatory twists and turns, and moments that tested your nerves. There wasn't a character on there I didn't like (as in annoying or not well acted). Traveler is definitely one show that was cancelled WAY before it's time. If any show deserves a second chance, it's this one. I say- BRING IT BACK!moreless

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    This is a great show that never really had time to get very popular and gain a large audience.

    By Phantomair, Sep 18, 2008

    Lots of people have seen this show but the fact is it only ran for eight episodes not letting it come out of the shell for more people to watch. The show revolves around two friends who are framed for the bombing of a large building, and must be on the run, but they were framed. The show for what did air, was very good and had action, suspence, and surprising things happened. For what ever reason they cancelled it, they should have not, they show never got time to gain a large audience, but I really enjoyed the show.moreless

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    they got to bring this show back.Traveler is one my favorite shows.

    By degore, Jul 03, 2008

    why why!please bring it back. it was one of my favorite shows.Abc should bring traveler least they can show us that the Freed died.traveler is realy one of my favorite shows and I cant just tell my friends that my favorite show has ended without an end.Its also hard to write reviews when its minimum 100 words.The show must go on.Its really hard to understand that why they really ended the show.It has hýgh ratings,It was different from the other thing to do is bringing the Traveler back to our t.v.'s.I was thinkig of what is this before,but now I can say that those 8 episodes were in my "definetly best 100 episodes in the world" listmoreless

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