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  • 9.5

    After a bombing in a museum, two of the three best friends are wanted by the F.B.I and one has disappeared.

    By sse111, Jun 11, 2007

    This is one of the best pilots i've watched in for a long time. Such an interesting story, great plot and nice actors. Reminds me of prison break, which i miss so bad and hopefully this show will be feeding me for the tv hungry summer months. However, some of the characters look somehow weak and vulnerable. I like both Tyler and Jay as well as Will. Kim is also good. But the police officers does not look strong or real. So, maybe they have to introduce some new cops. But overall, it's a great show. I loved watching it!moreless

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  • 6.0

    Didn't live up to the Pilot, but I can tell it's going somewhere.

    By krazy4crack, Jun 07, 2007

    "The Retreat" takes us to Tyler's father, Carlton Fog's, mansion. Tyler and Jay stay the night in hopes to find rest, but when hired men start acting strange, Jay gets a very strange feeling about Tyler's father and the men. Meanwhile, Kimberly is keeping her mouth shut and takes the blows that the FBI gives her to defend Jay.

    Previously on "Traveler," Tyler and Jay make a run for it from the FBI and head to the mansion of Carlton Fog, Tyler's father. They eventually get there after running away from the NYPD and the FBI. When they get there though, they are interrogated by a man Carlton hired, and Jay starts to get suspicious. Tyler stays calm due to his trust in his father, but that trust could cause complications. It was finally decided that Tyler and Jay would be shipped off to Switzerland, but when they find out that their escort is trying to kill them, they make a run for it and manage to take down this very bald and evil man at a warehouse somewhere down the road. They take his car and make a decision. They could either head back to Carlton Fog's mansion and just hope that he didn't have anything to do with the near death experience Jay and Tyler just had or they could head out on their own and trust no one else. Each one of the duo was going for each one of the choices, but Jay won the argument and they leave us with that. I understand that their runaway couldn't be so thrilling because of the episode title itself, "The Retreat." I felt this episode was sort of like a filler episode, but it wasn't completely filler. They needed to get to Carlton's place before they could go on their own; I'm just disappointed they took up a whole episode for that.

    Meanwhile, Kimberly is being interrogated by the FBI and they are going through great lengths to make sure she leads them to Jay and Tyler. She stays true to Jay and keeps her mouth shut even if she doesn't know anything, but her attitude was good enough. They mention that Marlow used to be in the position of Agent Chambers, but for some reason she was removed from the position. I think they are going into her story slowly, but that's probably the most intriguing bit I found in this episode.

    So this is the second episode of the series and to summarize it, I'd have to say it didn't live up to the Pilot episode. It felt like a filler episode, but in truth they couldn't have done without it. So I guess they just stretched out the story a little. I'm still enjoying the little flashbacks that hint the answer to the mystery, in fact, that's probably one of the few things I enjoyed in this episode. I just believe that this episode was brought down because a whole lot more was about to come. Anyway, like I keep saying, this show has great potential, but they need to work extra hard for this show before it ever gets scheduled during the fall season.moreless

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  • 9.0

    First three episodes!

    By ajyacht, Jun 04, 2007

    Watched it all so far, hope it gets picked up. But with my luck I can expect it to be cancelled.

    Hope it isn't. Or at least hope ABC is able to follow through and tie up lose ends when they decide to cancel it. So far it seems like a great show to watch. No one is sure who to trust. I can't wait to find out what happens when the burned dead body turns out to NOT be Will Traveler. The guy had to make a mistake somewhere . No one is that good. Can't believe someone from Homeland Security has a hand in all this!moreless

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  • 10

    The second episode of 'Traveler' was revealing.

    By lightning8star, Jun 02, 2007

    The Retreat gave everyone a little bit of a closer at what the characters lives were like before everything happened. We see that Jay is very much in love with his girlfriend Kim and also that Kim is very much in love with Jay. Enough to protect him from the FBI and get herself onto their bad side. At least the bad side of Agent Fred Chambers who is only too willing to pin the entire event of the museum bombing on Jay and Tyler. This episode also gives us a glimpse of a rivalry between Agent Fred Chambers and Agent Jan Marlow and it hints that Agent Marlow may have not always done things by the book in the past a fact that Agent Chambers is all to happy to remind Agent Marlow who is not willing to assume that Jay and Tyler are guilty.

    Also Tyler and his father seem to always be at odds with one another, but this episode does show that his father might not be such a bad guy ... or is he?moreless

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  • 7.9

    24, Prison Break, Lost and a bunch of other shows rolled into one.

    By Rhaemye, Jun 01, 2007

    Traveler's look is pretty good, although it's only the new standard since the shows named above. Of course, Traveler doesn't have an own face yet after two episodes, but it's entertaining. The show is fast-paced with a lot of action sequences, well acted, well directed and with a lot of mysteries waiting to be unraveled. Still, after two hours into the show we don't know much more. But unlike say, The Nine and Day Break, Traveler has speed. That's the big plus. And unlike say, Heroes, Traveler doesn't take itself over-serious. The second episode was okay. Let's hope - since ABC ordered 8 instead of 12 episodes for the first season (although Prison Break's first also wasn't set out to be 22 episodes at first) - the whole conspiracything which is bound to happen will be played out a lot quicker.moreless

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  • 9.5

    Jay and Tyler head to a secret hideaway of Tyler's father, Carlton Fog, trying to dodge police on the way. When they arrive, they are unsure of whether or not to trust the men Carlton has hired to protect them.

    By KiraMulder, Jun 01, 2007

    A very good follow-up to the pilot. More information is revealed in interesting and informative flashbacks that teach us to question everyone's words and faces. I enjoyed trying to figure out if there are any good FBI agents and whether or not Kim is in on it. So many quesions raised but it still had action and suspense near the end that had me worried. Definitely a worthy follow-up.

    Acting, writing and directing were all quality.

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  • 9.0

    Great drama for the summer that promises us mystery, suspence, action and hopefully brilliant writing.

    By peggy777, Jun 01, 2007

    The 2nd episode was not quite as back-to-back action packed as the pilot show was but it was still very exciting. It followed up right where we left off from the pilot episode, hooked and ready for more action and possibly some answers. But Jay and Tyler found themselves in the hand of another enemy, not knowing if Tyler's father had set them up or if Tyler's father himself had been set up. Between a car chase, lie-detector machine and looking to be shot by their own so called protector; this day did not work out so well either. The story line looks very interesting to me, as the duo are going to continue to look for proof that Will Traveler does or did exist and that Will was the one who set up the explosion in the museum and not them. I do believe their quest for answers are going to be much harder then they think. I'm going to continue watching this show and only hope that it doesn't get axed.moreless

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  • 9.6

    Great 1st 2 episodes

    By dmwilkie2005, May 31, 2007

    The pilot was great. It really got me hooked and the second episode kept me hooked. I hope I am not disapointed the rest of the summer, but I doubt I will be. This has the feel of a blockbuster of a show for ABC. I am a huge fan of 24, but my wife refuses to watch 24 with me because of the torture scenes that they always seem to include with each season. Let's hope ABC keeps the torture scenes to a minimum and has a long run with "Traveler." Look at 24, it already has 6 seasons and has signed on for at least 2 more seasons.moreless

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  • 7.5

    After a great pilot, the series takes a step back...

    By shotime1979, May 31, 2007

    The pilot episode was great, it set-up the series very nicely, and I was anticipating this episode, but it just didn't do it for me.

    The episode started out with two guys getting into a bad car chase scene, then spending the first half of the episode in the woods, trying to get to one of the their fathers compound. This sequence took me out of the entire show, as it just kept dragging on, and I could have swore they were going to stay in the woods the whole episode, luckily for the viewers they didn't, or everyone watching ABC would have been bored to death.

    Probably the most interesting part of the episode was one of their girlfriends getting questioned by the FBI, that was something actually worth watching.

    The other part of the episode occurred after the boys arrived at the compound, and a shady guy made them take a lie detector test. You could see the twist coming right away, that he was going to attempt to "kill" them, but I don't know if he really was though, since he told them to shoot him...Maybe he had blood capsules in the gun, and was going to fake their death, I don't know. But, those scenes weren't exciting, they were typical for these kinds of shows.

    Also in this episode, every time they went to flashback, and commercial it was annoying...The bumpers for the commercials now have quick scenes for the previous break, or the previous episode...This was just plain annoying, and wore out it's welcome quickly. Each time they went to flashback they would do this special effect where the scene would swirl into the flashback, which I really didn't mind, it was how the flashback looked...The flashback looked all washed out...Did it really need to be like that?...I think people who are watching the show will know when a flashback occurs.

    This was a major let down after a great pilot, or maybe I was just expecting the same quality from the pilot.moreless

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