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  • Burt: on the radio) Rosalita, what's your twenty? Over. Rosalita: Burt, do not give me those numbers. Burt: Your location, Rosalita, where are you? Over.

  • Tyler: Damn, Burt, that shot was like half a mile. Burt: Yes. It was.

  • Jodi: I call it...'Grabbucino.'

  • Tyler: So the creature who protects your lifestyle wants to eat you? The word that comes to mind is 'paradox'. Jodi: You get used to it.

  • Tyler: How often does this happen? Jodi: Not often, about once or twice a day.

  • Twitchell: I've asked a dozen times about that, no one knows anything. They think I'm nuts around the office. The only conspiracy out here is you keeping me from being reassigned some place where people are normal. Tyler: (to Burt) Did he just insult us? Twitchell: Yes, he did.

  • Cletus: There'll be countless, unimaginable mutations, grasshoppers with a scorpion tail, gila monsters with bat wings. Tyler: Well, that'll be good for the tour business.

  • (Tyler throws an apple at the ghost which gets sucked dry immediately) Twitchell: What do we do? We gotta do something. Tyler: Maybe we can run through it real fast. Twitchell: Did you see the apple?!

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Notes (18)

  • The series was originally scheduled to premiere January 10, 2003, but was delayed to March 28 so production would have the time to finish work on the special effects.

  • Marcia Strassman takes over the role of Nancy Sternwood, played by Charlotte Stewart in the first and third movies.

  • Lela Lee takes over the role of Jodi Chang, played by Susan Chuang in the third movie.

  • This episode marks the first time a woman has been killed by a Graboid or one of its evolutions (in this case, a Shrieker) in the series and only the second overall. (Megan, played by the late Bibi Besch, suffocated when a Graboid buried the station wagon in which she tried to hide in the original film.)

  • Jody: It belongs to Sigmund and Ray. Refers to the end of the third movie, Back to Perfection, where the mother/daughter sell their captured Ass-Blaster to the "Vegas guys" and they say the names, although there they didn't use the parody "Sigmund and Ray".

  • Dean Norris does not appear in this episode.

  • Dean Norris does not appear in this episode.

  • Note that Larry's last name is "Norville" - the same as Shaggy's first name on Scooby Doo.

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Trivia (7)

  • When the people take refuge in Burt's bunker, it's (according to Burt's orders) 5:30 pm. Only a few minutes pass by until Burt sets the fire outside yet it's already pitch black.

  • Rosalita enters the store soaking wet. When she turns to the suvival students to show them her fighting skills, her shirt is suddenly completely dry again.

  • Rosalita's exhaled breath through the airtube would be pretty warm and show up on the ass-blaster's heat vision, particularly after she had just run as much as she did.

  • At the end, when the lone seed is flying through the air and lands, Burt stamps on it and moves away. He should have picked it up to threw it into a garbage can as it would have spread again

  • At the beginning, Tyler gets Dr. Debevic's attention by stomping his foot on the ground. With her devices to hear sounds she would have heard his truck come close even before he arrived.

  • When Sheriff Boggs gets out of his car to shoot at the giant shrimp, you can see a camera man about 20 feet behind him.

  • Rosalita's hairstyle changes back and forth throughout the episode

Allusions (10)

  • Jody: It belongs to Sigmund and Ray. Obvious play on the Las Vegas magicians Siegfried & Roy, who help preserve near-extinct wild cats and are a common source of parody because of their bizarre mannerisms.

  • Larry: Hey, you guys in the old lab ever do any experiments with time travel? Addressed to Christopher Lloyd's character Cletus - Lloyd played time travel scientist Dr. Brown in the three Back to the Future movies.

  • Larry: You know, there's this episode of Bab 5 where Commander Sinclair calls up some data on a monitor... Referring to Babylon 5 - particularly funny since actor Richard Biggs (Garrett) played Dr. Steven Franklin on that show - he appeared on the show's first year at the same time as Commander Sinclair (Michael O'Hare) but stayed on for the series' run.

  • Tyler: We're Mulder and Scully - you're Scully. Mulder and Scully were the two agents of the popular TV series The X-Files who went around trying to uncover the alien and goverment secrets on earth.

  • Cletus: Ah, the Flying Burrito Brothers... Two ex-members of The Byrds formed the initial incarnation of The Brothers, which went through a number of incarnations over the years.

  • Larry: ...or Lionel Atwill as Dr. X ! A somewhat classier movie then The Phantom Creeps, starring Lionel Atwill and Fay Wray - the story of a newspaperman trying to hunt down the "Moon Killer".

  • Larry: You know, like Lugosi in The Phantom Creeps... This rather cheesy movie aired as a multi-part serial and Mystery Science Theater 3000 often showed one part or another before their main feature back in their Comedy Central days.

  • Larry: I'm a man alone. Like Kevin McCarthy in Invasion of the Body Snatchers.' (pause) The original. Both a reference to the classic movie and a jab at the remake (which also cameoed Kevin McCarthy).

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