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  • The series was originally slated to debut at 8:00 ET/PT. Because of the subject matter in the first few episodes, NBC flipped it and Dateline over the summer.

  • Anne Meara and Philip Bosco were the original Eileen and Simon. They were fired by NBC, who considered them geriatric. (Yeah, parents of 30-year-olds generally are.) Ironically, Meara was being replaced by Jill Clayburgh on a new fall series at the same exact time her husband, Jerry Stiller, was being brought in as the replacement for Jack Carter on another new fall series (The King of Queens).

  • Matthew Carnahan is credited as Matthew McNair Carnahan.

  • The actor who plays Dougie Mack is uncredited.

  • Music: "Drive" by Bic Runga

  • Music: "Money (Dollar Bill)" by Everlast featuring Sadat X; "Watch the Fat Man Swing" by Skeleton Key; "74 Willow" by Ednaswap; "Polyester Bride" by Liz Phair; "I've Got You Under My Skin" (Frank Sinatra); "We Got the Beat" (The Go-Gos); "We've Only Just Begun" (The Carpenters).

  • New opening credits and main title theme -- the latter of which was used over the closing credits of the pilot. Martin Davich, the composer, won an Emmy for it.

  • The actor who plays Andy Stearn is uncredited.

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