Scars Part 1

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    plz help

    By GauravGupta10, Oct 26, 2012

    hey does anybody know the time conversion for india? i want to watch it on time in india and the time listings aren't for india

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    Juicy skids

    By EmmanuelYeboa, Oct 03, 2012

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    ??? What the hell is going on?

    By CsabaFekete, Sep 02, 2012

    Does anybody have any info on this continuous delay? I'm starting to believe they've lost the episodes on poker or something.

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    Im fine with it

    By Terrac, Aug 11, 2012

    Most Cartoons shows take a break especially if its a Summer show. Oct may be a little far but the actors need the break..just look at the cast. Also they don't sign a voice acting agreement if there is no break in the contract. This is a good sign because This means they are planning to go beyond 8 episodes because this show was suppose to be only a 10 part mini series. Just look at it this way its going to start during the start of Fall shows so you wont miss it much.moreless

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    to air august 9th

    By ltcomstella, Aug 09, 2012

    scars part 1

    delayed for unknown reason

    better be epic :)

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    pretty much in the same boat as the other person posted

    By PookieChan, Aug 08, 2012

    pretty much i was ok on watching tron uprising til it or my cable company or something started screwin up not wanting to show the episodes at all. all i got to see was isolated (the episode) then BAM! the cable company decided to say nope u cant watch this anymore even though its a regular channel (disney xd & the on demand) so i dont know whats going on so probably just going to have to wait til it gets out on dvd, if it will even survive to be worthy of being a season to let itself turn out into a dvd. so its pretty much cloudy weather there right now of why the episodes are not wanting to show up on their correct time like they have been stating. probably not going to watch it anymore since things are wanting to screw up. get ure act together ppl.moreless

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    Stil waiting

    By MelvynScheepm, Aug 08, 2012

    Its know six days past the second of this month.where the f is the episode???

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