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    miss this program

    By catmyoung, Apr 08, 2014

    loved this why cancel such a good program

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    Tru Calling was

    By ShannenManFan, Feb 15, 2014

    I watched both seasons of Tru Calling, mostly because I'm friends with Shawn Reeves . Harrison.

    Tru Calling was cancelled before its time.

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    I understand now

    By morticia_r, Sep 22, 2013

    After watching the last 6 episodes of the show, "the entire 2nd season" I kinda understand why it got cancelled.

    By the time we get to episode six there is 3 against 1. There are too many bad guys!!! I say one because Davis was corrupted by Carrie and Harrison is slowly being influenced by his father so Tru is on her own and has 3 powerful enemies.

    In season 2 things get way too complicated (almost impossible even) and I really think that people like it when the good guys win not the bad guys - I sure do!

    There could have been 3 options (3 successful directions the show could have taken):

    1. Jack could have been a good guy and help Tru especially because they both see something else, like 2 halves of a story (something like House of Anubis where we have "The Chosen One & The Osirian"- her job is to save people and his job is to protect her), or...

    2. There could be occasional bad guys who come and go but by the end of the day Tru to be the one to win.

    3. First of all, NO Carrie - It's too much!

    After a few episodes of Tru and Jack fighting each other for saving people/"helping fate" there could come a day when Jack is "fated" to die and he asks for her help. She saves him and he realizes that he should be helping her. This way we still have her father as the bad guy (he is a great enemy too - very powerful and resourceful) but we have 4 good against 1 bad (even though her father should be considered as at least 2 bad)


    We need to find out more about her parents "the 2 mortal enemies"- why he killed her; why is he so sure that he is "helping" fate and she is messing with the balance of things and not the other way around; how comes that the bad guys "know the rules" and she is clueless? ... Something like that.

    I think she is the one to keep things balanced because since we all have free will if someone decides to kill someone else, it's not fate, it's bad guys trying to get away with something they shouldn't.

    Don't get me wrong, I loved season 1 (minus Luc dying - Jack could have sent someone else to teach her a lesson not Luc), it was a show with huge potential but they ruined it in the attempt to make it more dramatic and "edgy".moreless

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    Simply astounding show

    By SFfan396, Jul 02, 2012

    I recently found the entire series on dvd, and couldn't stop watching. Went through all 26 episodes in 3 days. Breathtaking, every episode intense and spellbinding and all kinds of other great words. I am a 'Tru' fan. How I wish it had stayed on the air. I never watched it when it was on TV, but now I wish I had.

    I am also a big fan of 'Dollhouse' , another great show with Eliza Dushku (who, by the way, I find amazing. Beautiful, sexy, talented) I can't wait to find out what she does next. I find her the most wonderful woman in the world. Well, second most wonderful, after my fiancee !!!moreless

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    By SonyaBryant1, Jun 22, 2012

    Happened to come across this show on dvd bought it and watched it.......I go online and see how many seasons and I find out only two and then canceled......WHAT the heck is your problem FOX.....are you nuts. This show was FANTASTIC.......this is like the 5th time I find a show I have never seen on dvd and buy it like it then find out they canceled it.......good ones too.....I don't get it they keep stupid shows going and the good ones get canceled it's quite annoying! Anyway, this show should have kept's awesome!moreless

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    I Like Tru Calling!

    By ZarniTun, Jun 06, 2012

    Hi! I'm one the fans of Tru Calling TV Series.

    "Tru Calling is one of my favorite American TV series."

    I watched all the episodes of season 1 & 2 last year.

    Now I feel sorry for that it has been canceled.

    But any way I'd like to thank all the crews and members of Tru Calling.

    Good Luck!

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    If only this show would have been created a few years later, maybe it would finally get the credit it deserves. Point me in the direction of a show that's better than the twists and plots because I don't think one exists.

    By Spuffy4l87, May 25, 2012

    There are always episodes on a show that you just wish never happened or that they changed. One does not exist in Tru Calling, there are only those that you like a little less than the ones you love. This show never got the credit it deserved. It has originality beyond compare, new and amazing plots, twists that would make your head spin, great characters and actors that portrayed them, and so much more. I would recommenced this show to EVERYONE. This show is nothing like we see now, there is some sex appeal, but the show doesn't revolve around sex, drugs, and gossip. It challenges your view on the world, causes you to ask yourself questions, but one : What would you do if you could relive days? With all its great plot lines and twists it is easy to get hooked, and unfortunately those of us who did were left on a cliffhanger....a major one at that. This show never had its closer its bow, that was well deserved. I can go on and on about Tru Calling. It needs to come back and we need to finish the masterpiece that was pushed away.

    I LOVE this show, and nothing beats the rush you get from watching it or the need to continue onto the next episode. If the network was smart, we would have been able to find out what happens after and quell our desire to find out.moreless

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    By princessbeba2, Mar 14, 2012

    why did they stop giving it.?? it waz a good show

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    So sad this series was not done

    By lowenhart, Feb 01, 2012

    Good movie, good idea for movie, but so sad only for two season. Hope the other production house can make the third season. Outstanding perfomance for Eliza.

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