The Getaway

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    Last weeks episode Daddy's Girl was much better.

    By aussieforgood, Mar 29, 2006

    Last weeks episode Daddy's Girl was much better. I expected this weeks episode to be just as good but I was dissapointed.

    I've decided that I don't like the new guy, Jack. He seems like a real jerk and is very annoying. Taking Harrison to the track just to find out more about Tru, and almost getting Michelle killed.

    It's obvious that Tru & Luke still have feelings for each other, so why doesn't she just tell him the truth. I'm sure he'll understand and would want to be with her when he finds out why she keeps running off the way she does.

    And finally Davis, I'm certain that he has feelings for Tru. It was pretty obvious in this weeks episode when he admitted that he's always worried about her.moreless

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