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    • MightyMad Aug 19, 2013

      My episode rundown:

      * I knew the whole 'Children of the Dark/of the Light' thing wouldn't last very long - daywalking vamps are all good and nice in theory, but, unless we're talking about Blade, nothing good can come out of any of them having this power permanently. So I knew they would lost it sooner than later (didn't know how it would happen, though - more on that later); I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Northman acted like a true bonehead, exposing himself in the middle of an actual, potential threat (the sun), like a drunk girl walking alone in a dark alley in Tijuana during Spring Break - in a perfect world, nothing bad should happen, but in reality... you should have known better, Eric.
      * Warlow... man, what a dud! Granted, this has more to do with the way the writers decided to portray him after declaring him to be the ultimate Big Bad last season, but him going all-out evil last night was really too little, too late. Although... man, did I enjoy seeing him slap Sookie senseless! Nope, I'm not into physical abuse toward women, but she had it coming, with her Danger Whore way and all. If you cannot make a hoe into a housewife, you certainly cannot make millennium-old, murderous prick into Prince Charming. One thing I notice about Ben is his inability to blame himself for any of the actions he did - it's all Lillith's fault. And, yeah, she did turn him into a vamp, but she also did warn him to not go back to his tribe... Kind of make him half at fault for their deaths, doesn't it? Anyway, as Big Bad goes, his death was as anti-climatic as, well, his whole presence this season. Glad it was Jason would kill him; glad we'll never have to speak of him again. Farewell Warlow - we all liked you more when you were a bearded psycho.
      * They really had no other choice but to do this '6-months later' jump into the future, didn't they? The events in the last 3 seasons were comprise in a 8-monts period, and I'm being very generous there (it's probably closer to 6 months, but Bill's conversations with Hido Takahashi about him being trapped in his mansion for weeks, when it really should have been days, kinda jumble - once again - the whole continuity of TB... so let's give it some leeway.) So, from Sookie coming back from Faerie land to Eric burning his ass off, a sh*tload of pant-crapping crazy stuffs happened none-stop! The show definitely needed a half-a-year breather, even with the whole Hep-V thing.
      * I don't know how I feel about Violet... at first glance, she seems like the best thing that ever happen to Jason - the best girlfriend he ever had, anyway. I don't mind the whole 'fatal attraction' side of her personality, since she's genuinely devoted to whatever Jason has going (you may have realize that she actually moved to Bon Temps for him... if she wanted, she could have forced him to go wherever she wanted to, but she didn't. Anyone who's been in such a situation can tell you: your girlfriend moving to your town to be with you... that's a big deal.) Here's my problem: the whole sex scene is way too one-sided. I have no problem with V giving Jas a bad case of blue balls, as long as she ultimately gives him some relief. But 6 freakin' months of blue balls!? That's effing cruel, especially toward a guy you claim to be completely into. Then there's the whole cunnilingus thing... so you're telling us, TB, that Jason keeps on going down on her, but she never did the same for him!? WORST. GIRLFRIEND. EVER. That's the kind of selfish nonsense that destroys relationship, regardless if one of the partners is a 800-years-old bloodsucker. Something about this makes me think that Violet was one of those hardcore nuns back in her human days. Maybe she's kept that immature mentality and still is afraid of penises and actual intercourses. Regardless of what it is, she better find a way to put out properly, cause we all know Jas will end up cheating on her if she doesn't, even if his life would be in mortal danger for it. The only way to castrate a stud is to actually castrate him; so, if you don't want him to f*ck around, make sure he doesn't have a reason to.
      * From Mrs. Spark: "I REALLY care about him and Adeline and I want to know what happens when she starts dating or they go on a father-daughter road trip or his fairy girlfriend comes back." Yeah, they finally made Andy matter this season. I'm giving him a whole lot of credits for not retaliating to Jess for what she's done (if it was me, believe you me, she would have paid, and way sooner than 6 months later). The man had a pretty rough year this season, losing his girl and his cousin in brutal ways, so let's hope season 7 will be way less dramatic for him.
      * Sam becoming Mayor of Bon Temps doesn't surprise me at all - fact of the matter is, people were already acting as if he was already, so might as well make it official.
      * Arlene buying Merlotte's with her new wealth... also not at all surprise. She's being pretty much running it for two seasons, anyway, so, again, just making it official. Plus, with her as the new boss, you just know Sookie will now have to show up at work - no more no-show cause of vamp problem for her!
      * Alcide and Sookie together... couldn't be happier about it. Correct me if I'm wrong here, but isn't he the first LIVING boyfriend she ever had? If Warlow was technically a walking corpse. Glad to see she got over her rampant necrophilia! Now, I don't fully understand why Alcide is acting all dickish toward Bill (as far as I know, those two have no beef between them... must be a territorial thing with Sook), but I REALLY do not understand why Sookie is still mad at Bill. F*ck, it took nothing for her to forgive Warlow, and Compton is still in the doghouse, even after she even admitted to herself he was right all along!? You know, if hate is a clear sign someone still care too much about their ex, maybe Alcide should actually feel threatened about Bill...
      * The whole Hep-V threat is a ridiculous subplot for next season - the State of Louisinia, all by itself, figured out tons of ways to get rid of vampires, so you know that, if such an epidemic is threatening the whole country, the US government would have figured out new and better weapons/strategies to get rid of that problem, right? Hell, it's weird they didn't implement Bon Temps' plan on a national scale - you built a squad full of heathly vamps to destroy the infected one and give them good blood for their service. Anyway, this hardly seems like a genuine problem for next season - hell, that whole pack of infected at the end hardly seems to be a real issues to any of the monsters living in Bon Temps, so they better get us a genuinely Big Bad for season 7 that won't make us throughout the whole run. At this point, I'm even down with Vlad the Impaler showing up - he's always the very last, desperate resort when it comes to vampire badass, but anything would be better than another season with Warlow, Burrell and, especially, Sarah Newlin, as the ones we should be afraid of.

      Until then, so long, folks.

    • IanGolding Aug 23, 2013

      ok, so how did Warlow kill Lillith with sunlight after she drank his blood but he doesn't burn and all those captive vamps could walk in the sun after drinking bills blood which had a tiny bit of Warlows in it..? maybe the sun was a tad stronger 8000 years ago..and how did Grampa Fae know the exact place and time to grab Warlow for Jason to stick him? and how did he hold him even though Warlow kicked his ass a few episodes before..and why didn't Sookie or Jason wonder where Grampa Fae had disappeared to..?

    • ionee24 Aug 19, 2013

      I agree that Jason may not be the best thing that ever happened to Violet, but Violet is the best thing that could happen to Jason. The first girlfriend that demands him to be the man he can be and makes him feel like something more than a piece of meat.

      Mose so because, as a vampire, a piece of meat is exactly what Jason should be.

    • MightyMad Aug 19, 2013

      If she's really trying to make Jason feels like a man, frustrating him sexually is a bonehead way to go about it.
      I'm telling you, Jason will cheat on her if she doesn't put out in some ways, regardless of how dangerous she is - if he ain't having sex with her, he will have sex with someone else, it's just a matter of time and opportunity.

    • ionee24 Aug 19, 2013

      Of course Jason would only cheat on her: he's Jason!

      The only difference is that this time there will be consequences far worse than Hoyt.

    • MightyMad Aug 19, 2013

      Probably... but something tells me Violet would first kill the girl he boinked well before dealing with his ass.

    • kanniballl Aug 19, 2013

      Actually I think you have that backwards: Violet is the first woman that is forcing the issue of Jason not treating a WOMAN like a piece of meat. Since historically he's "sealed the deal" within a couple of dates (if not the very first).

      Here she's making him wait.

      Unfortunately, as much as I LOVE the actress and I liked the character early on I still get "psycho" vibe from her. She was ready to rip Sookie to shreds for talking to Jason because she didn't buy the sister story. The volley-ball thing and evil glares to Jessica weren't TOO bad... BUT the evil glare she gave Jason at the dance for just talking to a girl was a bit much.

      Combine THAT with the 6 months of one-sided reciprocation and it comes off as a bit psycho.

    • ionee24 Aug 19, 2013

      I'm afraid I can't agree with you for one good reason: Violet is a vampire. She can't force Jason not to treat a woman like a piece of meat because she isn't alive and therefore can't intruct him how to treat a living woman.

      Violet can introduce the audience to the monogamous nature of the feeding bond, she can introduce Jason to the perks of an exclusive relationship, she can introduce Sookie to a sisterhood with the vampire who owns her brother, but she can't be a regular grilfriend - psycho or otherwise - no matter how bad Jason tries to fool himself.

      They are not dating: she own him. No matter how protective, monogamous or consensual their relationship may be, at the end of the day, they are still a vampire and her human.

    • MightyMad Aug 19, 2013

      Here's an undeniable fact: Jason is 'owned' by Violet, because, well, he actually chose to be own by her.
      I don't need to remind you that Stackhouse had no fear about attacking head-on a 5500 year vamp/fae hybrid who was significantly more power than V, right? Hell, if the help of his Greater-grand pappy, he actually managed to kill him! So, if (or when) Jason wants to permanently end his current relationship, not only does he have the skill to do it, but he also have plenty of backup to make it happen.
      Although, I'm pretty sure Violet is well aware of all this.

    • kanniballl Aug 19, 2013

      Actually, the Louisianna state thing was apparently using Federal weapons and such. Recall when Eric and his sister threatened the general, he said the government had tons of weapons to deal with Vamps that Eric could not even imagine them... so I imagine those bad-arse bullets and the contact lenses were a federal thing.

      The Hep-V thing might have even been federal (unknown) but it was just the spiking of Tru Blood that was the state-run-thing.

      Now it's a quagmire... the government is on the spot for CAUSING this vampire epidemic and are probably getting hit with that whole "Constitution" and "Geneva Convention" things I keep hearing about.

      Add to that, their genocidal involvement caused this whole town-destroying-plague-of-vampires thing... and they're stuck. People might be outraged that their genocidal plans caused the issue, and that more genocidal plans would just make matters worse.

      It's one thing to outfit a town to take out a few vampires, it's another to outfit EVERY small town with weapons to fight off coordinated attacks from hordes of Vampires. Not enough money + time + resources to equip everyone.

    • kanniballl Aug 19, 2013

      In Eric's defense... Bill said he drank only a little bit of Warlow and appeared to get a couple of days out of it before he went to the vamp camp. Eric nearly drained Warlow so he probably thought he'd get at LEAST a day.

      Also, Eric would have been high... that much pure faery blood would make any of them high. But when attacking the vamp camp he was only a little cheerful and not full-on high like the others. So Eric on the glacier might have been him just riding out the buzz.

      Personally, if something like that had an unknown time limit I wouldn't have gone somewhere without having a place to run to really quick. In Eric's case I would have dragged a coffin or something with me just in case. He had enough time/room to bring a char, he could have at least brought a body bag or body-suit + bikers helmet.

    • MightyMad Aug 19, 2013

      In that scene, Eric Northman displayed once again his one true weakness: his enormous arrogance.