True Jackson, VP

Nickelodeon (ended 2011)
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  • S 2 : Ep 34

    Mystery In Peru, Part 2

    Aired 8/20/11

  • S 2 : Ep 33

    Mystery In Peru, Part 1

    Aired 8/20/11

  • S 2 : Ep 32

    Ditch Day

    Aired 3/19/11

  • S 2 : Ep 31

    True Mall

    Aired 3/5/11

  • S 2 : Ep 30

    Principal For a Day

    Aired 2/26/11

  • Cast & Crew
  • KeKe Palmer

    True Jackson

  • Ashley Argota

    Lulu Johnson

  • Matt Shively

    Ryan Laserbeam

  • Danielle Bisutti

    Amanda Cantwell

  • Robbie Amell

    Jimmy Madigan

  • show Description
  • True gets the chance of a lifetime when her idol hires her as Vice President of the company's youth apparel line. Can True make it in this new, scary world? Theme Song: From my head to my toes, it's all real, and you know. Fresh and cool, it's just what I do. T-R-U-E J-A-C-K-S-O-N, V-P Workin' at a grown-up job, never really knew I could work this hard. Used to sit at home and watch tv, now I'm in an office as a new V.P. I'm always setting trends, with my two best friends. When things get out of hand, we have a plan. We're just messin' around, and we're makin' new ground, for the whole wide world to see. If you see us in town, you know what's goin' down. 'Cuz I'm the new V.P.moreless

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  • Quotes (48)

    • True: (To Amanda and her friends) You know, there are these girls in my class, we call them "The Pinks," and they think they're so awesome because they stick together and make everyone around them feel small. Well, you know what? They're not so hot. Amanda: Was there a point? True: Yeah, neither are you.

    • True: (While making a dress) Thread... Lulu: Thread. True: Scissors... Ryan: Scissors. True: Pep talk... Lulu: You're doing great! True: Thank you.

    • Ryan: So, how's it going? True: Oh, great... Everyone hates me. Ryan: Oh, come on. Who would hate you? Lulu: (Laughs) Everyone! Ella in accounting called her a "Junior Execu-turd."

    • True: (Arriving late to a meeting) Sorry I'm late, but uh, I was in my office and I just... Amanda: (Cutting her off) There's no excuse for lateness. (Points to True's seat) True: Right... (Sits down) Max: (Walks in the room) Sorry, I'm late. Amanda: Oh, are you? I hadn't even noticed...

    • Lulu: (While looking through the catalog) Ooh look, a disco ball! True: Lulu, this is an office. I need furniture that's gonna make me look professional. You know, like I know what I'm doing... (True also looks through the catalog) Ooh, an indoor trampoline!

    • True: Wait, so I get to think up the designs?! Amanda: Yes, thinkin' is one of your responsibilities. (Rapidly) There's also approval, testing, marketing and production. There's a lot that can go wrong and not enough time to get it done, so your eye has to be on the ball at all times. Miss a deadline, the whole machine falls apart. Do you understand? True: No... Amanda: Good! (Walks away) My door is always open...

    • True: What am I supposed to be doing? Amanda: Well, you should be playing Jacks in a school yard somewhere. But, since you're here, let me run it down for you. "Mad Style" makes and distributes a wide variety of fashion lines: high-end coutour, working woman, daily wear and yes, (Unhappily) youth apparel. That's where you come in- overseeing the designs for little boys and girls.

    • True: (To Cricket, about Lulu) That's my best friend, we met in space camp. Oh, little heads up, you don't even get to go to space. Kind of a rip...

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    Notes (15)

    • This episode premiered at 9:30pm (ET) instead of its normal timeslot of 8:30pm. This is because the iCarly movie "iGo to Japan" premiered at 8:00pm.

    • TurboNick Premiere: November 12, 2008

    • This episode premiered at 9:00pm (ET) instead of its normal timeslot of 8:30pm. This is because the Drake & Josh special "Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh" aired at 7:00pm.

    • This episode aired along with other Nickelodeon holiday specials of iCarly and The Naked Brothers Band. However, this episode has nothing to do with Christmas.

    • This episode premiered as part of Nickelodeon's "Kisses & Misses Night".

    • This episode premiered at 7:30pm (ET) on Sunday instead of its normal timeslot of 8:30pm on Saturdays.

    • This episode is available to Comcast cable customers under their onDemand Nickelodeon channel, which is listed under The Free Spot. The free preview expires on January 25, 2009, a few days before the episode is set to premiere on the channel.

    • This episode premiered as part of Nickelodeon's "Crush Night".

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    Trivia (55)

    • This episode is featured on the True Jackson, VP: Season 1 Volume 1 DVD that was released in the U.S. on September 8, 2009.

    • Running Gag: Max always picking on Kopelman. This continues throughout other episodes in the series.

    • This episode is featured on the True Jackson, VP: Season 1 Volume 1 DVD that was released in the U.S. on September 8, 2009.

    • Goof: In the first episode, True says that she met Lulu at space camp. However, in this episode, she tells Oscar that they met in the first grade. Response: She said they have been friends since the first grade, but she never said they met in the first grade. She could have meant that they met at space camp but didn't become friends until the first grade.

    • This episode is featured on the True Jackson, VP: Season 1 Volume 1 DVD that was released in the U.S. on September 8, 2009.

    • The way that True and her friends suddenly yell "Dance Party" and begin dancing is similar to another TeeNick series iCarly. However, in that series, they yell "Random Dancing" and begin dancing.

    • This episode is featured on the True Jackson, VP: Season 1 Volume 1 DVD that was released in the U.S. on September 8, 2009.

    • Goof: When Amanda gives True the assignment that Max wants her to work on, she says they will look at her designs the next day. However, we learn later that Max is out of the office.

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    Allusions (10)

    • The model's name, "Dakota North," may be a reference to a Marvel Comics character of the same name. There was even a "Dakota North" mini-series comic. And Dakota has since made several guest appearances in other Marvel comics. Recently, she's had a recurring role in "Daredevil."

    • Pippin: In this episode, Lulu makes a reference to the Broadway musical, "Pippin."

    • The model's name, Dakota North, is an obvious switch up of the state North Dakota.

    • Oscar: I'm sure you're working up quite an appetite dealing with America's Next Top Sociopath. This is a reference to the reality series "America's Next Top Model".

    • Stylista: The name of the magazine that Amanda's boyfriend Chad is reading in this episode is named "Stylista." This is a reference to the reality series Stylista in which contestants compete to get a job at a leading fashion magazine. This seems relevant to the plot of this series, as well, because True works at the fictional fashion magazine "Mad Style."

    • Ryan: (Looking at Amanda's high school photo) She looks like the main character from "Spooky Night Fever". This is a reference to the movie Saturday Night Fever.

    • True: What's going on? Ryan: What's going on is I pull back the curtain and find out that the wizard is just a grade 'A' slacker. This is a reference to the movie The Wizard of Oz. In the movie, the main character reaches "The Wizard" in the end and pulls back the curtain to reveal that he's just a regular person.

    • Justin: If I was a slacker, would I know how to recalibrate a flux capacitor? Ryan: That's from Back to the Future, it was on last night! This is a direct reference to the Back to the Future movie trilogy.

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