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Notes (6)

  • The episode was prempted in parts of the northeast.

  • The episode reportedly was included in the movie compilation of several episodes described elsewhere here. (Thanks to Raaj for the info.

  • This was the last episode broadcast, and ended with them still stuck in the wrong bodies so apparently they remained that way ever after.

  • The end credits have copyright dates of 1979 & 1981.

  • The collection was made into a video, renamed The Magic Statue, and was broadcast on cable and released on video over a year after the series was cancelled.

  • The fill pieces between episodes were all done with the same actors.

Trivia (5)

  • Jerry Quarry was a real life champion boxer playing himself that Sam was supposed to interview, but Penny wound up interviewing as she was stuck in Sam's body!

  • Joyce Bulifant (Expectant mother) was also Marie, the wife of the newswriter Murray Slaughter on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Florence Halop (Doctor) was portrayed by the actress playing the wife of the lead character Fish on the show of the same name, and on the show Barney Miller.

  • Sports announcer Lynn Shackelford appears in this episode as himself.

  • Tim Rossovich was a professional football player turned actor after retirement from the sport.

  • This episode was listed in the TV Guide but the episode did not get shown as far as I can determine. I can only speak for part of the east coast. Unless it was picked up on the west coast perhaps. Since it was announced in the TV Guide, it was produced, but may remain unaired to this day. If anyone DID see it, please update this with your location at the time you saw this episode.