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Quotes (7)

  • "You're the turkey, Gimp".

  • Hojo: I'm taking the pipes.

  • Xabu: No days off until I catch the tail.

  • Chickie: Come on gang, Christmas yogurt la la la ... snow is falling on the yogurt.

  • Dave: I'm lonely, I need oral sex.

  • James Brolin: I still don't get how Oprah let's you out the house without a costume. Stedman: I'm a secret agent. Brolin: Brilliant!

  • Triumph: Hey old lady, I'd hump your leg but I'm afraid it would turn to dust!

Notes (7)

  • Places to look for your Christmas presents: In your father's gun cabinet, in the oven, under your grandpa's hat, inside a wall, hidden in your favorite toy...

  • "The Harlem Globetrotters First Christmas" just features the Harlem Globetrotters going back in time to the birth of Jesus.

  • End credits song: "Now it's time to go to bed, Tv Funhouse memories in your head. doug made friends with, and ate a worm and the gang saved the day with lizzard sperm. dave and his tale were rare. Chickie got to throw a fency chair.

  • The segment "Porn for Everyone" was originally titled "Kids Wants Porn" and featured 4-7 year olds yelling "We want porn!"

  • "The Safety Game" is a PBS show parody.

  • Every episode aired and they decided not to renew the show.

  • This is the series Finale.

Trivia (10)

  • Mnemonics is just an easy way to remember the order of something. Ex.) The order of the animal classifications would be (Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species) Please Come Over For Gay Sex.

  • We learn Chickie has 186 chicks and all of them are boys.

  • This goof is for hebrew talkers only: In the "First christmas" clip, the Globetrotters arrive at a hotel called: David's Hotel. But it is written in hebrew. The hebrew letters are totaly wrong! Instead of writing "Ha malon shel David", it says "David's hotel" in hebrew, which means nothing.

  • I'm pretty sure they didn't have Electronic Scoreboards in the bible time.

  • Mnemonics is just an easy way to remember the order of something. Ex.) The layers of the atmosphere would be (Thermosphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Troposphere, Exosphere) The Straight Man's Testicles Exploded.

  • A lot of these T.V. Funhouse episodes seem to have two versions. This show has a full version and it also has a version with "Lost Cartoon Flashback: The Black Sabbath Show, with Doom Doom the dog." cut out of it. This results in a show only 16 minutes long. This was probably done to fit in more commercials during re-runs.

  • Triumph the Insult Comedy Dog originally appeared on The Conan O'Brien Show.

  • Doug refers to the plant he unpacks from the crate as an ayahuasca plant. Such a plant does not exist as ayahuasca contains many different plant components. Perhaps he should have called it an ayahuasca admixture plant, or maybe he should have just refered to it as Banisteriopsis Caapi. As an aside, I'm kind of disappointed that Doug didn't go all out and make ayahuasca. Nice DMT reference though.. first one I've ever seen on television.

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Allusions (1)

  • Joe Camel Tabacco short is a spin-off to Pok√©mon.