Dream Lover

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Quotes (4)

  • (opening narration) Host: The blank page, for some, it's a nightmare. Our story tonight is about a writer caught in just such a nightmare. Desperately in search of inspiration, he has taken up refuge in a secluded chalet, dead center in The Twilight Zone.

  • Sondra: You're really beginning to bore me, Andrew Andrew: Excuse me for not living up to your fantasies!

  • Sondra: Don't you get it? I'm real, Sam's real, you're not. You didn't create me, I created you, I'm the graphic novelist, I'm the one who's suffering from writer's block. I wanted to create my dream lover to help me get through it all, I guess I made you so real it even convinced you, but there's just no place for you here anymore...

  • (closing narration) Host: For some, the blank page can be a source of dread, but for Sondra Lomax it was on her way to another bestseller. That nightmare is in the past, thanks to her own resolve and a sturdy eraser. Tools of the trade, in the Twilight Zone.

Notes (1)

  • The idea of a man creating his dream girl was explored in the original Twilight Zone episode, "A World of His Own."