How Much Do You Love Your Kid?

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  • Nick Dark: Yeah we're unscripted. Yeah we're gonna make mistakes, and sometimes we're gonna get flat-out boned. But when you're in search of raw human drama, that's a chance we're willing to take.

  • Host: (opening narration) Meet Donna Sidchek. Just another person living beyond her means in uncertain times and looking for a short break from the reality of her existence. We're about to see just how far Donna is willing to go, when another kind of reality intrudes, in the Twilight Zone.

  • Host: (closing narration) There's reality and there's entertainment. There's a life you lead and the fantasies you're led to, by a small but powerful group of people known as television executives, who recently discovered the entertainment value of real life. And in the future if you think there's a risk they won't take, a line they won't cross, than we have an offer to make and some time for you to spend in The Twilight Zone.