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    Underdeveloped, weak, goofy

    By Gislef, May 05, 2012

    While the initial concept, and the parable of modern-day living, is a potentially good idea, the plot is horribly rushed and the two leads aren't that interesting. Within two minutes of montages after meeting, they're falling in love and in the pool, Marisa's character totally abandoning her fiancĂ©. So "live in innocence" = cheating on your fiancĂ©? Okay... Neither Berkley nor Estes are good enough actors to convince us these are people capable of falling in love with each other. Nicki Aycox isn't bad, but again her "temptation" is too rushed. She nags them each once, the Scott character gives in, bang, story over. This might have made a stronger story with an hour to flesh out the characters. The first 15 minutes could have been setup. We never see how bad their lives are: we just hear them talk about them. The TV paradigm is "show, don't tell." Out of the 45 minutes, split that between slowly bonding and Rikki doing a slower subtler job of temptation. Then again, maybe that would drag things out too much. Oh for the 80s TZ when they could do a 45 minute episode and a 15 minute one: 45 would work about right.moreless

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  • 9.0

    Two busy business types are given a chance in paradise, to live as we say we long to ... free of the rat race and burden. The only requirement - leave their old lives behind and accept the new one. But, temptation comes in many forms.

    By anona123, Mar 12, 2011

    This has been one of my favorite episodes since I first saw it years ago. Typical cheesy acting, but that is expected for the Twilight Zone, as is heavy concepts and kick-butt metaphors. It's not just make believe. We get that chance every minute of every day to live in peace and happiness. To put life in its grand scheme :-) But, "he" is seductive, even via the banal. The sin of self. How often do we pass over gifts and create our own unhappiness, chaos and stumbling blocks? Twilight Zone rocked then and rocks still. Right on! :-)moreless

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