The Monsters Are on Maple Street

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    Pointless remake

    By Gislef, May 05, 2012

    Sorry, but this rewrite of Serling's classic script just doesn't work. For one thing, Andrew McCarthy doesn't play his character as particularly sympathetic. Willever's character is a one-dimensional bully. The rest of the mob except for the somewhat quirky Phyllis are pretty forgettable.

    The rewrite folks seem to have forgotten that the title refers to _Monsters_. The original not only had aliens as the source of the problems, but the neighbors were paranoid about aliens. Maybe the rewriters thought in these "modern" days that aliens wouldn't have the same resonance. Maybe they just wanted to make a comment about terrorism and the War therein.

    This episode shares more with another original TZ episode: The Shelter. Like that episode, this one is non-fantastical and it has everyone turning into a jerk.

    This remake also suffers the flaw of the original Monsters... in that they somehow try to portray each neighborhood as an island totally separate from the neighboring blocks. Just hop over the backyard fence, folks.

    Overall, there seems little point in this remake. Unlike the remade Eye of the Beholder, they tried to do something different. They just didn't make much difference.moreless

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  • 8.9

    Meaningful Paranormal?

    By joeyissoweird, Apr 01, 2008

    Great episode, and it shows a meaning too. This was the first Twilight episode I've ever seen since my ex Language Arts teacher showed it to our class. And it was a good episode, just thought the acting needed a little bit more work. Maybe they should have let them rehearse their lines more? Anyways, the names are so confusing, but the message is real. It's hard to explain the message this episode gives us so I'll try to put words together to make sense. The message is that if a disaster happens, we go around blaming other innocent people instead of just helping each other. Violence breaks loose.

    I think I got my words right. Maybe a prolific user can review better.

    I recommend this episode for everyone because of the message and what all.moreless

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