Episode Twenty-Three "The Condemned Woman"

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Quotes (4)

  • Log Lady intro: A hotel. A nightstand. A drawer pull on the drawer. A drawer pull of a nightstand in the room of a hotel. What could possibly be happening on or in this drawer pull? How many drawer pulls exist in this world? Thousands, maybe millions. What is a drawer pull? This drawer pull -- why is it featured so prominently in a life or in a death of one woman who was caught in a web of power? Can a victim of power end in any way connected to a drawer pull? How can this be?

  • Bob: Coop! What happened to Josie?

  • Hank: You're his whore. Norma: I'd rather be his whore, than your wife.

  • Albert: Fine, maybe you're not mad, but there's an epidemic of multiple gunshot wounds following this chick around. She's a menace.

Notes (4)

  • Neilson Rating: 5.1/10, Number 88 for the week.

  • After this episode was broadcast, Twin Peaks was put on "indefinite hiatus." It returned a little over a month later.

  • Warren Frost does not appear in this episode. Kimmy Robertson appears in this episode in voice only.

  • A.K.A. "The Condemned Woman"

Trivia (1)

  • This episode takes place on: Tuesday, March 21