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    Twin Peaks Actor Appearing at Maryland's Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention

    By FilmNoirFugitive, Jul 13, 2014

    If you're one of those Twin Peaks fanatics trying to get a photo or autograph of everyone on the show, PIper Laurie is going to be at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention this September in Hunt Valley, Maryland. She was a real estate agent on Twin Peaks, and she was awesomely in charge and bitchy in her role. She was also in the original Carrie movie. She's not the only one scheduled to be there. Just Google it or something.

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    Twin Peaks .... brilliant?? Really??

    By DeeRich37, Oct 19, 2013

    Maybe I am the only person in the whole world that feels this way but I found Twin Peaks to be the most contrived TV series ever done. It seems as if for every episode the writers forgot to prepare and scribbled something quickly the night before. I know they attempted to do something outside the box but it made no sense. In some cases the acting was even a bit overdone and painful to watch. Why is it called one of the best series of all time, I will never know. Is it a case of the emperor's new clothes???? I found the best part of this series was the pilot. it had some potential, but it went all downhill from there. It's only because of the pilot that I give this show a 3 rating instead of a 1.moreless

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    What happens in the end?????

    By hamedbabaizad, Mar 04, 2013

    So I am confused. what happens in the end? is the soul of the killer in the body of cooper? and from now on he keeps killing people??

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    David Lynch, I salute you

    By FerrirGerras, Mar 02, 2013

    This is the greatest series I have ever seen.

    It never gets old, really (It IS an old show from the early 90s, but even today it is still one of the best things ever produced)

    Interesting plot, neverending excitement, great characters (BOB is the best example)

    It is a real shame such a wonderful TV masterpiece ended so quickly with a cliffhanger no less...

    But we still have imagination... do we?

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    It's like I'm having the most beautiful dream and the worst nightmare at the same time -Donna Hayward

    By mrjimmyjames, Feb 26, 2013

    An indescribibly brilliant show that was able to somehow blend all genres together. A compelling mystery, awkwardly bizarre humor, supernatural horror, and soap opera romance (in a Peyton Place parody style). David Lynch manages to capture all of the senses perfectly; giving the show a surreally calm but eerie feeling to it.

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    There's No Place Like Twin Peaks

    By goldtop2007, Dec 13, 2012

    David Lynch and Mark Frost decided to collaborate on the creation of Twin Peaks and it was a match made in heaven. Twin Peaks is undoubtedly the most surprising and original piece of television I have ever seen. There's just no telling what kind of magic you'll encounter in this fictional northern US town. Often the music and unusual camera techniques create atmospheres that are chilling, erotic and just.. different!

    Many actors stand out, embracing their roles enthusiastically. MacLachlan, Beymer and Wise are riveting to watch throughout.

    The only reservation I have to make, is that in season 2 and 3, Lynch is mostly not doing the writing (He was busy making Wild At Heart). The other writers struggled to channel Lynch's unique vision, as might be expected. I find it's still absolutely worthwhile seeing all three seasons.

    Highly influential and groundbreaking; a must-see for everyone.


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    What happened?

    By Bellaluna, Dec 10, 2012

    Don't get me wrong I love the show, it's one of the few TV shows I like; and the first season was amazing. But then around season 2, things went down hill. With that I'm not really angry, but more sad. Sad that a show that had so much potential have this happen. But at least it had gained a cult following.

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    Loved this show!!! Except the ending makes me mad!!!!

    By LydiB, Jul 24, 2012

    I was hooked with the show from the first episode....was intrigued the entire I'm just irritated. Upset that the show was cancelled, I feel the show was changed because of this. I watched it 23 years after it was shown and cant believe how amazing it was. David Lynch was ahead of his time and wish that he would continue it if it was possible. All in all the show was AMAZING and would recommend it to EVERYONE!!!

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    What happened in the 2nd season??

    By turqhex, Jun 20, 2012

    To tell you the truth I am only halfway through season 2, but I have to say it is "numbing my buns" ... there were intriguing characters, storylines, mysteries throughout season 1. As soon as an episode ended I had already clicked on the next one. (Actually to be honest, I watched half of the first episode after hearing so much hype and then dumped it for about 5 months.) But when I picked it up again it was marvelous, I could really understand what people liked about it. The Palmer mystery was creepy and hooking, and then halfway through season 2 - BAM, town moves on. I get that the investigation the way it was going wouldn't have and shouldn't have lasted that long. I'm glad it ended when it did, but that should have been the culmination of the series. Twin Peaks was about Laura Palmer. when she's through, the show should be through. This isn't the O.C., it's not the chronicle of a town, it's the chronicle of a murder investigation. That's the way these types of shows are supposed to be. As soon as that era died it even seemed like the characters transformed to suit this new storyline. Audrey Horne was inserted just because she had a contract. My favorite characters were boring.

    The '5' rating is for the first half, which was perfect. The other '5' disappeared with the quality of season 2.moreless

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    An inspiration to remember.

    By HenrikSvensso, May 09, 2012

    For the first time in my life I find absolutely no trouble in connecting a number to a review. Why ?

    Well :

    Cast : 10/10

    Directing : 10/10

    Storyline : 10/10

    Mystery : 10/10

    Humor : 10/10

    Horror / Thrill : 10/10

    I could go on forever.

    This series simply have it all. The only difficult thing is to write this down without having the possibility to write 10 pages +.

    But in very short terms this is in my opinion not about a murdercase or what the "Black Lodge" really is. Nor is it about if the owls really are what they seem.

    - This is about the interaction between the characters. Its about how much EVERY life in Twin Peaks is worth. And most of all : how much everybody really care about each others lives. This series is by far the most human, original and philosophical drama that has ever been in the history of television. It did change my perspective of what kind of person I will be. And especially what kind of world I would like to live in.moreless

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