News Briefs: Summer Glau Is Headed to Arrow, Cote de Pablo Is Leaving NCIS

By Tim Surette

Jul 11, 2013


... Oh no! Ratings powerhouse NCIS is losing one of its most beloved characters as it heads into its butt-kickin' eleventh season. Cote de Pablo, who plays fan-favorite agent and delightful butcherer of the English language Ziva, is leaving the CBS hit... soon. De Pablo will appear in Season 11 for an unknown number of episodes, to wrap up her story and then move on with her career. []

... Oh yay! Sci-fi sweetheart Summer Glau will be joining the second season of The CW's Arrow, in what can only be described as "what took so long?" news. She'll play Isabel Rochev, the vice president of a company looking to execute a hostile takeover of Queen Industries. And if she's like the Isabel Rochev from the DC Comics universe, she won't be too fond of Oliver Queen. [EW]


... We knew that CBS's Two and a Half Men was adding Charlie Harper's long-lost daughter to the mix for Season 11, and now we know that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The character of Jenny will be smoking hot, 21 years old, and... a lesbian. It will be interesting to see how the series, which got off the ground with the macho sexualizing of floozies, handles a gay woman, but I'm guessing GLAAD may as well start drafting its disgusted press release right now. [E! Online]

... A&E has set aside August 11 at 10pm for the debut of Bad Ink, another tattoo reality show. In this one, a couple of Las Vegas tattoo freaks look for the city's worst tattoos and then fix them up. This news does nothing to change my plan for that night, which is something like "watch Breaking Bad's final-season premiere at 9pm and then sit in stunned silence for five hours." [A&E via press release]

... TNT has passed on its pilot starring Geena Davis as a bounty hunter. Apparently the network didn't like the show's tone. Or the fact that it didn't have an ampersand in its title, joining two names. [Deadline Hollywood]

... Comedy Central has chosen its next roasting target: James Franco. Okay, sure, why not I guess? [The Wrap]


... Happy Endings vet and son of Homie the Clown Damon Wayans Jr. may return to New Girl, and by "may" I mean "definitely will" because this has to happen. Wayans, as you may recall, starred in New Girl's pilot as Coach, the third male resident of the loft, but left the show after Happy Endings was renewed for a second season. He was replaced by Lamorne Morris's Winston in Episode 2. It's is such a no-brainer to have Coach come back, at least for a few episodes, that Fox may as well just announce it without even getting Wayans' okay first. [TV Line]

... House's Lisa Edelstein will recur in Season 6 of ABC's Castle (it's been six seasons already?). She'll play a federal investigator who plays a huge part in Kate Beckett's future. [THR]

... Jeffrey Tambor (Arrested Development) is putting on his serious face for a guest spot on CBS's The Good Wife. At least, I'm assuming it's a serious role. He'll play a judge who goes down to the wire in a case that involves the death penalty, and it would be pretty tasteless if he made fart noises or stood up to reveal he wasn't wearing pants and said, "I got your banana stand right here!" Look for Tambor in the season premiere. [TV Guide

... All-around awesome guy Chi McBride (Pushing Daisies, Golden Boy) is getting a sweet paid vacation to Hawaii. He'll guest-star on CBS's Hawaii Five-0 as SWAT Captain Lou Grover, a character from the original series. McBride will appear in the season premiere, and could return on a recurring basis. [EW]

... Sean Astin (The Goonies) has joined FX's vampire drama The Strain, an adaptation of Guillermo Del Toro's book from producers Del Toro and Lost's Carlton Cuse. Astin will play a friend of the lead character, the head of the CDC (played by House of Cards' Corey Stoll). [TV Line]

... Jenna Elfman, who just confirmed her participation in the new NBC comedy Growing Up Fisher, will first stop by USA's Royal Pains. She'll play a reformed party girl who still likes to party but without all the partying, ya know? Look for her in the August 28 episode. [THR]

... Discovery has picked a host for Shark After Dark, the live talk show that will air each night of Shark Week. Comedian Josh Wolf (Chelsea Lately) will lead the chatter about toothy fish, bringing in shark experts, shark-attack survivors, and maybe even sharks themselves to discuss the day's programming, the weather, and why people from South Africa taste different than people in Australia. [Discovery via press release]

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  • panteha Nov 02, 2013

    i do hope they leave the door open for her to return in the future if she chooses to... she will be missed :(((

  • 87654321 Jul 30, 2013

    No Ziva!!!! She is awesome!!!! We are very upset with this breaking news.The team will NEVER be the same!! UPSET IN FL.

  • PSUNSHINEKP Jul 24, 2013

    Don't let Ziva leave.They are a team.They all belong together without be broken up.We were hoping Tony & Ziva would end up together at some point & time.If she leaves it will hurt the show just as if any of the others would leave.Please do not let her leave !!!

  • RerakisMatthe Jul 14, 2013

    i was wondering the other day where did Summer dissapear!!! Very excited to watch her on screen again!!!

  • shocker713 Jul 13, 2013

    Nice knowing you, Arrow. You had so much potential.

  • GoranBelaj Jul 13, 2013

    Come on! POI is still kicking :)

  • ukeishiro Jul 13, 2013

    Wow from the beginning "Cote! Cote! Cote!" was the lead and in just one day it's "Summer! Summer! Summer!" with a very, very, large lead... She must have friends in the "Tour de France" :D!

  • Cadd-9 Jul 13, 2013

    Yay Coach Back on New girl^^ I really loved his short appearance in the pilot...

    and hey, now arrow gets cancelled ;)

  • akyag Jul 13, 2013

    Summer !!! Summer !!! Summer !!! What a great news !!!!!!!!

  • chris17blue Jul 13, 2013

    I love Summer! This news is amazing!!!!!@!!@


  • AmberYang Jul 13, 2013

    Yay, it's Summer Glau! I'm so excited for Arrow now. <3 I don't get all this "curse stuff," those shows were in hot water before she ever guest starred in them. Just off the top of my head, Chuck was in trouble for quite a few seasons b/c of declining ratings (didn't Subway have something to do with financing the last season?), Dollhouse had a litany of problems (too brainy for mainstream TV, Eliza Dushku's lack of range, etc.), and Firefly was a tragically mishandled gem that wasn't noticed by a lot of people until word got around. She has bad luck, for sure, but I wouldn't say she's cursed.

  • doctorwho747 Jul 13, 2013

    Chuck was indeed canceled at the end of season 2, that sparked one of if not the biggest fan "Bring this show back" campaign I have ever seen! Yes you are right the CEO of Subway was a huge fan of the show and helped endorsing the show. In fact series star Zachary Levi went around the country to various Subways and worked there for a couple days at a time, giving his pay to the other employees. So that was eventually enough for NBC to bring it back for a 13 episode third season. So when the season was airing, the ratings went up, and after a few episodes in they decided ok we will give an extra 6 episodes making a total of 19, but the ever fluctuating ratings went down again and the show was canceled for the second time. Rinse and repeat everything and once again NBC agreed to a season 4 of 13 episodes. The ratings were continuing to go up the first half so much NBC gave the show an additional 11 episodes to a total 24 episodes in season 4. NB But AC expected them to end the show but once again fluctuating ratings, and yes CANCELED again. Finallyt somebody with more than half a brain at NBC realized this was stupid what they were doing so they said ok you can have your fifth and final season, it was suppossed to be five anyway, and 13 episodes with no expansion. But the show didnt need it, so love it or hate it the show got a proper ending. Now yes you are right people's attention spans have gone down alot so a show like Dollhouse that requires them to actually think and follow a complex storyline. The show was supposed to be 5 seasons, but after terrible season 1 ratings I think FOX decided to TRY to make up for Firefly by giving him a second season to wrap up the series. It felt very rushed but its worth watching. There are MANY actors from Buffy, Angel, and Firefly who guest star, as well as many Battlestar Galactica actors. But Amber like sjefke007 said do not EVER say Eliza Dushku has no range, the whole point of the show was that she was a different character every episode which she pulled off amazingly, didnt you watch it? TO EVERYONE reading this Dollhouse is worth watching and it's on Netflix

  • sjefke007 Jul 13, 2013

    dont you ever speak of Eliza Dushku's in that way again:)

  • doctorwho747 Jul 13, 2013

    Oh know right? don't worry I already forshamed that person. I have loved Eliza Dushku ever since I first saw her, nope NOT on Buffy, but she was a very much younger daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis in the movie "True Lies" Ill bet not alot of you guys knew that one. But it was really when she made her first kicking the ass of a vampire appearance on Buffy was when she also kicked ass into fame.

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