Kinda Like Necrophilia

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    By Canogaparkcindy, Mar 07, 2011

    Not the best episode of 2 1/2 Men, it just was a weak episode overall, and Alan was just plain annoying. This episode wasn't very funny, the only part I found myself laughing at is when Jake asked Charlie if he was drunk.

    Also it was an interesting method, the prettiest and most popular girl is the most lonely. But overall, this was just an unfunny installment with not much to offer other than Alan whining throughout the entire thing.

    A good twist with Charlie actually trying to get rid of his girlfriend, but it definitely wasn't enough to salvage this episode as a whole.moreless

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  • 9.2

    In two parallel story lines, Jake and his Dad learn lessons about women and love. Jake's lesson is more of a dating tip, whereas Alan's is another soul-crushing setback in his quest to achieve a fulfilling relationship with the opposite sex.

    By louderprouder70, Mar 07, 2011

    Jake's been a little out the picture lately, so it's great to see him involved in the central story line. In this episode he is his usual clueless self but, it turns out, is not nearly as clueless as his Dad. Charlie gives Jake the keys to unlocking access to the "A" list girls at school then makes sure Alan pays dearly for his need to revenge a childhood slight, plus his general neediness, gullibility and awkwardness with the opposite sex.

    Jon Crier plays emotional pain like Jackie Gleason played physical pain. As Alan's situations worsen, his frustration and inability to cope mold his face into hilarious contortions. Brother Charlie is always happy to just stand by and watch the meltdowns unfold.

    The situations in this episode are great but the belly laughs come from watching each brother's reactions to the other's misfortunes. We've learned that ANY time Alan feels he has the upper hand, crushing defeat is just around the corner - and Charlie will not only get even but get the girl and get the big check. Like in the Charlie Waffles episode, Alan (and the viewer) are left to wonder how Charlie does it and wish it came that easy for us.moreless

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