Pinocchio's Mouth

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    Charlie can't sleep at another woman's house.

    By thefanof, Nov 18, 2008

    Very funny episode of Two And A Half Men to complement a strong Monday night offering from CBS. Some great back and forths between Charlie and girlfriend Chelsea over the concept of a sleeping positions in the bed and a genuine laugh out loud moment with Charlie trying to sneak out of bed but being interrupted by a cat squeal.

    Alan and Jake also had some funny exchanges and I even laughed at Berta (something I cannot remember doing in a long time) when she reminisced over her high school prom. Charlie's line about going to the bathroom on Pinocchio's mouth was classic.

    The one thing you can say about Two And A Half Men is that it has never jumped the shark, a feat very, very rare in the comedy field. Six years in and they continue to pump out excellent episodes like this.moreless

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