Two of a Kind

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  • Kevin: I come home to find my house empty, no message, and no note from their baby-sitter! Carrie: Well, I'm sorry, but we were only ten minutes late. Kevin: Ten minutes when I had no idea where my daughters were! You'd be surprised what kind of things go through a father's mind in ten minutes!

  • Kevin: Mrs. Baker, I don't understand. Two days ago, you were thrilled to get this job! Mrs. Baker: Well, two days ago, watching Regis and Kathy Lee was the highlight of my life. Now I'm in a relationship. Kevin: I only need you for a few hours in the afternoon. Mrs. Baker: Sorry, but those are Henry's best hours.

  • Max: How can that old lady be your baby-sitter? I mean, her bed time is before yours!

  • Kevin: You know every year I have that one student that I know I'll remember for the rest of my life. This year I have a feeling it's gonna be you. Carrie: (laughs) You never know!

  • Ashley: I mean, you're the best dad in the whole world. Mary-Kate: Yeah, it's just that there are some things that are easier for us to talk to a woman about. Kevin: I understand that. I mean, as you girls get older, there are going to be a lot more awkward moments between us. But I want you to know that no one loves you as much as I do, and there's nothing you can't talk to me about.

  • Kevin: Carrie, my little girls aren't little girls anymore. They're growing up. Carrie: Scary, huh? Kevin: Very.

  • Carrie: It still doesn't beat four of a kind. Ashley: Boy, when we were little, Full House beat everything!

  • Kevin: I didn't know you liked a boy. How come you didn't tell me about this Pokey Valentine? Ashley: I don't know. Kevin: But you felt comfortable enough telling Carrie? Mary-Kate: Hello, Carrie's a girl!

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  • Martin Spanjers also played Rory in the show, 8 Simple Rules. Amy Davison, who played Rory's sister, also starred in the second season of So Little Time, which starred the Olsen twins. Billy Aaron Brown, who played Kyle on the series, starred in two Olsen twin movies.

  • The kitchen of the house is a lot different in this episode. The walls are dark green and the area where the table and the back door is in opposite areas.

  • Jean Speegle Howard (Mrs. Baker) and Rance Howard (Mr. Fillmore) are married in real-life, and are the parents of actor/director Ron Howard.

  • Taylor Donovan, Ashley's crush, makes his first appearance in the series.

  • Ernie Grunwald, who played as Paul, also played in another movie with the Olsen girls - It Takes Two.

  • This episode was also a Two of a Kind book, "One Twin Too Many" by Judy Klatsche.

  • This is the only appearance of Marci, Kevin's date, in the entire series. She is never seen or mentioned again in any other episode.

  • Ashley finally learns that Taylor has a girlfriend named Megan.

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Trivia (49)

  • Goof: When Carrie leaves the house after baby-sitting the girls for the first time, they are in their room talking to their dad about how great she is. Mary-Kate says "On Wednesday, she even had me doing extra credit." How is that possible if this was the first night Carrie baby-sat?

  • In the girls' bedroom, they have a big original movie poster for the 1997 blockbuster film "Titanic," which was very popular at the time that this episode was filmed. The poster stayed there for the entire series.

  • Goof: In the window of the coffee shop, the I is missing from CHICAGO.

  • When Mary-Kate changes the time on the clock by 10 minutes, Kevin switches it back by 20.

  • Taylor noticed that Ashley's handwriting was much neater than Mary-Kate's. I think that should have been a clue that he was tutoring the wrong twin.

  • Wouldn't Taylor have been able to know that he was tutoring Ashley instead of Mary-Kate, especially if Mary-Kate's grades were as bad as they say they were? They wouldn't improve that much with just one tutoring session.

  • In real life, Kevin would probably have been in a huge heap of trouble with his University if any rumors were out that he was dating a student. For that matter, having one of his students as his children's babysitter was also very inappropriate.

  • When Kevin is telling Carrie that Rick isn't her type, there's a moment when he moves his lips, but you don't hear him saying anything.

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Allusions (20)

  • Kevin: Just give her a chance. I hear she used to baby-sit Leonardo DiCaprio! Leonardo DiCaprio is an actor who is perhaps best known for playing the lead role in the 1997 film Titanic.

  • Mary-Kate: When we were little, full house beat everything.
    Carrie has four of a kind while playing poker. She explains that 4 of a kind still beats full house. The girls did the show Full House when they were little.

  • Mary-Kate: Yeah, if you're going on a tour with Marilyn Manson!
    Marilyn Manson is a singer who is known for his outrageous music and looks, wearing tons and tons of make-up, like the girl Mary-Kate was talking about.

  • Ashley: If I want to kiss a boy, it will be a real man, not Pinky and the Brain.
    Pinky and the Brain was a WB animated series about two inept lab mice who were always getting into trouble after escaping from their cage every night.

  • Eddie: I'm a plumber, not MacGyver. MacGyver was commonly known for making complex things out of simple stuff. Similar to how Kevin, in this scene, wanted Eddie to work with just a simple steak knife.

  • Brian: Just hand me a broomstick and call me Sabrina! This is a reference to the television series Sabrina the Teenage Witch, with Melissa Joan Hart playing the title role.

  • Ashley: You know, people tell me I look a lot like Kate Winslet. Kate Winslet is an actress who had the lead female role in the 1997 multi Oscar-winning hit Titanic, which was hugely popular at the time this episode aired.

  • Taylor dresses up as Jack Dawson, the hero from the 1997 film Titanic (who was portrayed by actor Leonardo DiCaprio). In this episode, Taylor briefly re-enacts the scene where Jack freezes to death in the Atlantic Ocean after the ship sinks, while hanging onto the side of what used to be a door on the ship.

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