The First Teaser for FX's Tyrant Is Orange and Bad (VIDEO)

By Tim Surette

Apr 15, 2014

FX has a bit of a reputation when it comes to teasing its upcoming and returning shows. The early peeks at Fargo were outstanding, the first looks at The Bridge were works of art, and of course, seeing Raylan's hat get attacked by crows got us very excited for the fifth season of Justified. But this... ugh. I don't know about this. And by "this," I'mean the first teaser for the network's upcoming drama Tyrant. Have a look:

Did that sand visit the same tanning booth as Snooki? Who is that man? What happened to his hand? What the heck is he doing in the middle of a desert? These aren't the types of questions we should be asking when watching a the first tease for a new TV series, and in no way does this clip make me want to watch the show.

And because it doesn't give you any indication of what the show is about, please allow me: Tyrant follows the son of a Middle Eastern dictator who returns home after a self-imposed exile in America, with his American wife and children in tow. Before long, he gets caught up in all the cultural and political turmoil of his native country, the fictional nation of Baladi. Tyrant was created by Gideon Raff (the man behind Prisoners of War, a.k.a. the show Homeland was based on) and stars Adam Rayner, Justin Kirk, and Jordana Spiro. Look for it in June. 

What did you think of Tyrant's first teaser? Does the show sound intriguing to you?

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  • HWBOD May 18, 2014

    An intriguing idea being that since there are so many petty (and not so petty) Tyrants in the world, and that they cause so much misery, and are featured regularly on the news... do we really want to watch this for entertainment?
    Or will we get that sick feeling in the stomach when we see or hear things on the show that strike a little close to home; and consequently tune out?
    I'd say the success of such a show could be a very hit or miss affair...

  • bhammer100 May 01, 2014

    I like it. Makes me interested.

  • JT_Kirk Apr 17, 2014

    Definitely the worst promo I can think of in this season. This would have made a good promo for season 2 if it were playing to the show's faithful built-in audience, but without that knowledge, it's a waste of time.

  • efonsecajr Apr 25, 2014

    Its a teaser. Not a promo. I'll allow it.

  • JT_Kirk Apr 25, 2014

    It doesn't tease well though, it's too vague to tease anything.

  • SusanMiles Apr 17, 2014

    does anyone know the the song name & artist played in the trailer? i know ive heard it somewhere before. its driving me nuts!!! anyone??? please help!!!

  • ciotog27 Jun 08, 2014

    Great album

  • efonsecajr Apr 17, 2014

    Beck - "Wave", from the very excellent album Morning Phase.

  • PeachezFalcon Apr 17, 2014

    Can't all be winners

  • MarlboroMagpi Apr 16, 2014

    Gideon Raff (the man behind Prisoners of War, a.k.a. the show Homeland was based on)

    This fact above plus its on FX = Enough to warrent a look.

  • darthlapin Apr 16, 2014

    Should I be happy the video is not available in my country?

  • auraeulogia Apr 16, 2014

    I'm not.

  • darkitp Apr 16, 2014

    nothing worth seeing actually , just suited guy Adam Rayner playing with sand in his hand , and big title TYRANT - Summer FX with no air date

  • TatraFan Apr 16, 2014

    The sand is orange because it is supposed to be blood stained.

  • Homer1338 Apr 16, 2014

    I fell asleep. How does it end?

  • jerlouvis Apr 16, 2014

    FX has produced a number of quality dramas so I am willing to check out what they see fit to put on their network regardless of promos,descriptions or what have you.

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