Ultimate Spider-Man

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Quotes (64)

  • Spider-Man: How ultimate is "ultimate"?

  • Peter Parker: You think it's true that Spider-Man hangs out here at Midtown?
    Mary Jane Watson: He's been seen on campus often enough. He could be anybody - a student, a teacher, or...
    (Stan the janitor walks by.)
    Stan: Thwip, thwip!
    Mary Jane Watson: Well, maybe not anybody.

  • Spider-Man: I mean, it's cool and all. But why do i need a motorcyle? I can get anywhere by "thwip thwip".

  • Spider-Man: Oh yeah... I had it in camomode. But then i could not find it...

  • Spider-Man: (to Doctor Doom) Okay, so you can fire bolts. We're impressed. But can you surrender quietly, hmmm?
    White Tiger: You're not right in the head.

  • Flash Thompson: (grabs Peter) Here! Eat the nerd!
    Venom: Nerd!

  • Iron Fist: (to Venom) All life is sacred, creature, but what you're doing to wrong. Let (Power Man) go, before I forget I'm a pacifist!

  • Spider-Man: (about the symbiote) Don't touch it. It'll stick to you!
    Power Man: Not if you touch it hard enough!

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Notes (2)

  • Character bios: Klaw, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Thundra, Trapster, Wizard

  • This episode is dedicated to the memory of the late Dwayne McDuffie, who created Damage Control.

Trivia (8)

  • When speaking with Spider-Man, Thor refers to Agent Coulson as "Son of Coul," a play on the term "Odinson," which refers to a son of Odin. Coulson was previously refered to in a similar manner by Thor in the 2011 live action film Thor.

  • While posing as a Zodiac agent, Spider-Man gives his name as Dan Ditkoberg. This is a homage to Dan Ditko, one of Marvel Comics' most revered artists.

  • Mac Porter, CEO of Damage Control, is designed to look like Dwayne McDuffie, comic book and television writer and creator of Damage Control, who passed away on February 21, 2011 due to complications from emergency heart surgery.

  • One of the names on Coulson's list of replacements for Flash as Spider-Man is Miles Morales. Miles is the current Spider-Man in the Ultimate Spider-Man comics.

  • The USS Excelsior is a reference to Stan Lee, and his famous catchphrase "Excelsior!"

  • The animal patterns on the samples are a lizard, a rhino, a vulture, and a scorpion. This would mean that Spider-Man would fighting his foes who would take the samples.

  • White Tiger stated that she hated water while under the influence of her White Tiger Amulet (which gave her tiger-like traits). However, tigers are actually the only members of the Large Cat family that are comfortable with water.

  • Goof: White Tiger thanked Spider-Man for sharing his story about his uncle, but when Spider-Man was telling her the story, he didn't mention his uncle, only referring to him as "someone very important to (him)."

Allusions (13)

  • When Spider-Man imagines being sent to other dimensions, he sees himself as Spider-Ham (from the parody series Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham) and in the cartoon The Super Hero Squad Show!

  • One Web to Live is a spoof of the soap opera series One Life to Live.

  • The scene where Peter goes around his house in a shirt and boxers is a reference to the film Risky Business.

  • Iron Fist: There are greater things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

    This is a paraphrase of a line from William Shakespeare's play Hamlet.

  • Iron Fist: Magic is woven through the fabric of the universe, Spider-Man. Chi, celestial energy, life itself.

    Spider-Man: It penetrates and binds us?

    This is a reference to the 1977 film Star Wars: A New Hope, where Obi-Wan Kenobi describes the Force in a similar way.

  • The opening scene is a parody of the James Bond film franchise.

  • Several musicals in this episode are parodies of real musicals: "Mutant and the Beast"(Beauty and the Beast), "The Thing and I" (The King And I), and "Hulk School Musical" (High School Musical). Andrew Lloyd Webber's Cats is also mentioned, though Coulson refers to it as "the one with all the cats."

  • The "Leave It to Spidey" scene is a parody of the classic sitcom Leave It to Beaver.

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