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  • Hal: Oh I'm so sorry that I worked and supported you for twenty years, I should have been learning to salsa dance so you wouldn't feel dead inside.

  • Marshall: Hey, do you know how to do laundry? Rachel: Hey, could you do me a favor? Could you hold my hand? Marshall: Yeah. Sure, sure, sure. Rachel: It's just... I'm having a panic attack and it usually goes away if I hold somebody's hand and I tell them I'm having a panic attack. Marshall: OK. OK. Rachel: I got... I gotta get outta here. Marshall: Uh, no, no. It's OK. It's OK. Um, I'll distract you. Um, I'm studying music. What's your major? Rachel: I don't know yet. I haven't decided. Marshall: You haven't picked a major yet!? (Frantically) God, what are you trying to do to me?

  • (Steven is talking to a group of people at their party) Steven: So I said, 'Mountain Dew? Mountain Don't!'

  • Lloyd: What's your major? Steven: Oh, I'm like undeclared, for the time being. You know, just checking stuff out, kind of.

  • Steven: What are you guys playing? What's the game? Marshall: We can't tell you, because then we couldn't play anymore.

  • (Steven enters his dorm room, where Ron and Marshall are drinking beers) Marshall: Wattage is what matters. It's the wattage. Ron: Amps are completely meaningless now. It's wattage. Steven: Hey, how's it going? Marshall and Ron: Hey! Ron: Hey, you live here? Steven: Yep, I think so. (Marshall points at Ron, telling him to drink) Marshall: I told you. I told you. Ron: I know. OK, OK.

  • Jack: You and a girl? Steven: Yeah, exac.. Yeah, why not? Exactly because, because, these girls at college, they don't know me, they don't know who I am. Jack: Yeah, they don't know that you threw up on the bus in fifth grade. Steven: Exactly! Jack: Or that you had to have your finger reattached after that wood shop... Steven: The point is, I'm tall and handsome, and I've gained weight and I've, like, finally got a fashion sense. Man, it's like the beginning of a whole new era.

  • Steven and Jack are at a barbershop. Steven points at a picture of a hairstyle he wants. Steven: Yep, that's the one I want. I grew 7 inches Senior Year. Like, I don't know how tall you are or whatever, but, like, man, everything from here up... it's all new. 60% of all people meet their spouses at college. That means my future wife could be, like, seated right beside me.

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Notes (21)

  • "Prototype" was filmed 11/13/00 - 11/21/00.

  • Loudon Wainwright III(Hal Karp) does not appear in this episode.

  • Jason Segel makes his first appearance as Lizzie's long-distance boyfriend Eric. Segel previously played Nick Andopolis on Judd Apatow's Freaks & Geeks. He was the first Freaks & Geeks alumni to guest star on Undeclared.

  • "Eric Visits" was bumped up two weeks from a slated October 16, 2001 airdate, displacing the intended second episode "So You Have a Boyfriend" at the last minute. Fox didn't like what they saw from the first episode's ratings and went straight into panic mode.

  • Loudon Wainwright III (Hal Karp) does not appear in this episode.

  • At the time of shooting, Katharine Towne (Rebecca) and Charlie Hunnam (Lloyd) were married in real life.

  • "Sick in the Head" was filmed 1/03/01 - 1/09/01.

  • Loudon Wainwright III (Hal Karp) does not appear in this episode.

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Trivia (12)

  • Steven states that he grew 7 inches over the summer break. When he first meets Ron and Marshall they ask him how tall he is. He states that he's 6'1, which means he would have been 5'6 when he graduated high school.

  • Steve loses his virginity (to Lizzie) in the pilot episode.

  • Amongst all the photos of her boyfriend Eric that cover the walls of her room, Lizzie has stuck up cut-outs of cartoon character Betty Boop.

  • Rachel convinces Marshall to buy a pet bird in order to attract women.

  • Marshall is taking a course in Political Science.

  • Ron's favorite movie is You've Got Mail.

  • Steve is taking a course called Principals of Macroeconomics.

  • Ron tells Rachel that Marshall has a crush on her.

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Allusions (14)

  • Catherine Zeta-Jones: Hal tells Ron that he wants to meet Susan Zeta-Jones, actress Catherine Zeta-Jones' "hotter, younger sister."

  • Backstreet Boys: Hal tells Steve that he should join the Backstreet Boys after he gets a new "hipper" haircut.

  • Freaks and Geeks: After they empty the keg, Ron fills up a mini-football helmet with beer and makes a toast. This may be an allusion to the second episode ofFreaks and Geekswhen Bill also uses a mini-football helmet as a cup when getting beer from the keg.

  • When drunk, Ron admits that he lies about his favourite film. He says he tells people that his favourite film is Red Dawn but it's really You've Got Mail. Red Dawn is a 1984 action fantasy film about World War lll starring Patrick Swayze whereas You've Got Mail is a 1998 chick flick starring Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks.

  • Steven tells Lizzie that she should take a break from her boyfriend by telling her it's like how Sting said that if you love somebody set them free. He is referring to the 1985 hit by UK pop star Sting called If You Love Somebody Set Them Free.

  • Hal mentions decorating his apartment by going to "that Swedish" place and "beyond the bathroom." He is refering to Ikea and Bed, Bath and Beyond.

  • TIVO: Steve tells his dad to pay his tuition instead of paying for TIVO so he can "tape Ally McBeal three times a week."

  • Sick in the Head: "Sick in the Head" was actually the name of a failed pilot Judd Apatow made for Fox in 1999.

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