News Briefs: Under the Dome Boss Brian K. Vaughan Escapes from (Quits) the Show

By Tim Surette

Jun 11, 2014


... Oh no! Brian K. Vaughan, one of the executive producers of CBS's Under the Dome, is leaving the series. Vaughan said in a statement that he's leaving the show to spend more time with his family and get back to his main love, comic-book and graphic-novel writing. The former Lost scribe, who was selected by Stephen King to adapt King's novel, has already mapped out the upcoming second season with showrunner Neal Baer. Season 2 begins June 30, and you can bet your dome that I will be there. [THR]


... Spike TV is developing an original drama series called The Chairman, based on the Stephen Frey novel of the same name, with Nip/Tuck's Julian McMahon on board to produce and star. The series would follow a war vet who takes over a billion-dollar equity fund and ends up entrenched in the world of finance. Umm, okay. [Deadline]

... The Powers television series that's been bouncing around the development process for years finally has a premiere date. As you may or may not recall, the series was dumped by FX and then picked up by Sony, where it will now stream via PlayStation 4 as part of the PlayStation Network. At Sony's E3 conference yesterday, Brian Michael Bendis, the creator of the comic the series is based on, strolled out on stage and announced that the project will make its debut in December. Powers follows a pair of detectives who specialize in crime in a world full of superheroes. [EW]

... When Tracy Morgan is well enough to return to show business following the horrific car crash that left him in critical condition over the weekend, his in-the-works FX sitcom will be ready for him. The network, Morgan, and the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia team were working on a new comedy together that was ordered straight to series for a January 2015 premiere, with Morgan attached to star. "At the point when Tracy has recovered and decides that he is ready to get back to work, his show will be waiting for him," FX said in a statement. Morgan is expected to remain in the hospital for several weeks. [Deadline]

... Pretty-good basketball player Lebron James is producing Survivor's Remorse, a new comedy at Starz about a star basketball player who must deal with all the fame and fortune that comes with being a professional athlete. Jessie T. Usher and Mike Epps will headline the series, and Starz has just released the first teaser for it. Warning: It's pretty lame! Go Spurs!

... Your little sister's next favorite show could be a new Disney Channel comedy set at the mall. The network has ordered Fairest of the Mall (two points for cleverness), about a girl who works with some nerdy guys at a tech store in a shopping center. [TV Line]

... Speaking of the Disney Channel, the network is launching a spin-off of The Lion King called The Lion Guard. The project will follow Kion, the second son of Simba and Nala, as he leads a multi-species group called The Lion Guard that's made up of a honey badger (groan), a cheetah, an egret, and a hippo. The Lion Guard protects the land and will hopefully sell a bunch more toys and lunchboxes for Disney. A TV movie will air in 2015, and a regular television series will air in 2016. [Disney via press release]

... Murder in the First debuted on TNT Monday night and it did... not bad, but not great. (Coincidentally, Noel reviewed it, and it was not bad, but not great!) The series premiere drew 3.8 million viewers, just above the 3.5 million that tuned in for the debut of the network's now-canceled King & Maxwell. By comparison, Major Crimes' Season 3 premiere aired just before Murder in the First and drew 5.2 million viewers. [Deadline]

... With so much old TV on cable television these days, can you believe there's nowhere to watch Blossom? Well, let the HUB Network fix that for you! The home of My Little Pony will begin airing the Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence comedy starting Monday, July 7. Insert Blossom's catch phrase here! [HUB via press release]

... A&E has put a premiere date—July 13 at 10pm—on its recently announced reality series Lone Star Lady, which will put cameras on oil-tycoon Rochelle Carnes as she tries to raise four kids to respect their humble roots. [A&E via press release]


... The Mentalist has promoted its resident computer whiz to series regular for the show's upcoming seventh (and possibly final) season. Joe Adler, who plays FBI agent Jason Wylie, got the raise after appearing on a recurring basis since the conclusion of the Red John arc. [Deadline]


... Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for two more seasons! At this rate, we will find out who A is after the ice caps melt but just before aliens enslave us.  

... You can now watch a new trailer for WGN America'a Manhattan, which looks pretty good. 

... Kaitlin hitchhiked all the way to Texas to attend the Hey Dude reunion at ATX, and this is what she learned.

... Netflix's Daredevil has found its Kingpin.

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  • JT_Kirk Jun 11, 2014

    Really, no cramping reference there, Tim? For shame... for... shame.

  • tamaabi Jun 11, 2014

    Yes, I was expecting something like "who must deal with all the fame and fortune and cramps that come with being a professional athlete".


  • numberonecubsfa Jun 11, 2014

    Wha? That The Lion King managed to get a decent sequel and a hilariously self-deprecating midquel thing (whatever you'd call The Lion King 1 1/2) is impressive. Just leave it at that. There's no need for a new movie and TV series surrounding Simba's son. Especially with one of the new characters being a honey badger, and all the cringe worthy meme jokes they're gonna shove in about that.

  • Writerpatrick Jun 11, 2014

    Under The Dome is one of those shows I'd rather wait until it ends so I know if it was worth watching. Of course by then I won't care about it anyways because it will be over.

    Considering the new season of The Mentalist will likely only have 13 episodes and be it's last, becoming a regular doesn't mean all that much.

  • AmericanInfidel Jun 11, 2014

    Wait, what? It doesn't mean much to become a regular? Tell that to Joe Adler who will be getting a HUGE raise for those 13 episodes. It means the world to him!

  • Writerpatrick Jun 12, 2014

    And when they're over he'll be unemployed and looking for work.

  • AmericanInfidel Jun 12, 2014

    But he'll be much richer

  • Carla-Wexler Jun 11, 2014

    "... Pretty Little Liars has been renewed for two more seasons! At this rate, we will find out who A is after the ice caps melt but just before aliens enslave us."

    Haha so true! It's exactly what the illuminati wants to happen!

  • ludoTV Jun 11, 2014

    Mark my words Jason Wylie is the new Red John #twelveseasonsandamovie

  • 377221 Jun 11, 2014

    Run, Brian! Be free!

  • davidholt10 Jun 11, 2014

    Fairest of the Mall can't live up to that title. Talk about using your best joke early!

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jun 11, 2014

    Woohoo! Great to see Vaughn is going back to comics, especially since UtD was an absolute waste of his talents and an incredibly poor reflection of them as well. Also happy to see Powers might finally be airing, given that its been in production hell for something like a decade now give or take.

    And really, Tim? Honey badger hate? What gives? Have you seen what those things can do to a litter of guinea pigs?? If you're making an animal vanguard to protect your kingdom, short of a rhino, what could you possibly want more than a honey badger???

  • Nerdnot Jun 11, 2014

    I for one are not a big fan of the Pretty Little Liars and was hoping that it would soon end on ABC family. Oh well.

  • jerky_666 Jun 11, 2014

    "Mayim Mialik"

    Tighten this shit up before you post it maybe?

  • Sanity_Bleeds Jun 11, 2014

    Tim is here to loosen your shit up. Mission accomplished!

  • vicbjones Jun 11, 2014

    And who doesn't know "Steven" King spells his name "S-t-e-p-h-e-n"?

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