Everything We Know About Under the Dome Season 2 and a Refresher on Season 1

By Tim Surette

Jun 30, 2014

Happy Domeday, everybody!!! CBS's silly science-fiction series returns to television for Season 2 tonight whether you want it to or whether you really don't want it to, and I'm chompin' at the dome to know what comes next. So to get you prepared for another 13 episodes of dome-related nonsense, here's...

Everything we know about Season 2:

– There will still be a dome! I'm 75 percent sure about this.

– Executive producer and co-creator Brian K. Vaughan decided he would rather go back to writing comics graphic novels and spend time with his family than have his name attached to the show, so he quit his job as Dome boss earlier this month. Supposedly he still mapped out all of Season 2 with showrunner Neal Baer, though. 

– A major character will DIE in the first minutes of the Season 2 premiere! The list has been narrowed down to: DJ Phil, Officer Linda, Norrie, Norrie's other mom Carolyn, Ben the good-time stoner bro, and "resident hoarder Andrea," which pretty much tells us that the term "major character" is being used loosely. And another character will die before the episode is over! I hope the Dome and the alien-ghost-hologram of Norrie's mom survive!

– Stephen King wrote the first episode of Season 2. He actually watched Season 1 and decided to stick with this project even more than before. Someone please check Stephen King's temperature or give him a stroke test.

– The Dome becomes magnetic in the Season 2 opener because that is the next logical step in Dome-volution.

– There will be a way for people under the Dome to communicate with people over/outside the Dome because "there is a crack in the Dome... where internet messages can get through" or some bullshit, according to Baer. 

– The Young and the Restless's Max Ehrich will join the cast as Hunter and he will be introduced in Episode 3. However, he'll only appear digitally, meaning he's probably one of those people communicating with people inside the Dome through the world wide internet. And of all the people he chooses to communicate with, he picks Joe and Norrie. Does he have secrets about the Dome or is he just a pedophile sending crotch Snapchats to kids? 

– People might be able to get in and out of the Dome this season! Which pretty much sabotages the whole conceit of the show, but will also leads to an influx of new characters. Big Jim's brother-in-law will be played by CSI: New York's Eddie Cahill, a teacher will be played by Misfit's Karla Chrome, Barbie's father Don will be played by Person of Interest's Brett Cullen, a barbershop owner (gotta keep that Dome high and tight) will be played by Dwight Yoakam, and a mysterious woman who may know the origins of the Dome will be played by ER's Sherry Stringfield.   

– The show will still be awful, according to Variety's review of the Season 2 premiere. 

Relive the glory of Season 1

If you forgot that in the Season 1 finale, Julia Shumway threw a black egg into a lake for no reason at all and then pink streamers shot out of the ground and fireworks exploded while the town was trying to publicly lynch Barbie, then you might need a refresher on what happened. I've got you covered! Read my reviews of Season 1 and watch as I go from hopeful to depressed to suicidal over the course of the season.

Episode 1: Chester's Mill gets caught... under the dome!

Episode 2: There's a fire!

Episode 3: Everyone chases a crazy cop!

Episode 4: Well of course there was an outbreak of meningitis!

Episode 5: The military attacks the Dome!

Episode 6: Water shortage!

Episode 7: There's an egg inside a mini-dome? What the heck is going on here? Plus: Norrie rejects Joe's request for dome sex.

Episode 8: Big Jim kills a farmer!

Episode 9: Gun control, drugs, and the fourth hand!

Episode 10: Underground fight clubs break out over toiletries!

Episode 11: Dome-nado!

Episode 12: Blame it on Barbie!

Episode 13: Inexplicable madness!

Read all these and I will send you your official DomeMaster PhD certificate for being a learned expert in Under the Dome

I'll be reviewing the second season of Under the Dome to save you the trouble of watching it, so check back tomorrow for my writeup of the Season 2 premiere if it doesn't lobotomize me too badly!

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  • sottosandhani7 Jul 02, 2014

    Thanks for the article. I ain't going to see these shits anymore.

  • 12HouSELoVeR12 Jul 02, 2014

    thank you for this article!!!

  • justtimthen Jul 01, 2014

    You only have to know one thing and that is what a load of steaming cow dung this show is

  • hockeyrick Jul 01, 2014

    This show is just time filler, sorry!

  • robotsneakers Jul 01, 2014

    This is one of the best/worst shows on tv, its so stupid it makes me laugh.

    I mean, it has the minidome, the firework-filled egg, the holographic alien dead mom, psycopathic police officer, the most useless police officer ever, guy with delusions of grandure, and a guy named Barbie.
    WHAT ELSE COULD YOU ASK FOR? (And we're probably gonna get even crazier shit this season and I'm going to love/hate every single bit of it).

    Also, can't wait for Tim's reviews xD.

  • MikeyTL Jul 01, 2014

    Spoiler....bye bye Linda. And can someone tell me why Big Jim was channeling Beetlejuice?

  • Muderboy Jul 01, 2014

    Say it ain't so! SAY IT!

  • KingofIPirates Jul 01, 2014

    LOL, Linda could've totally avoided her death.

  • no123girl Jul 01, 2014

    WTFreak is up w/ya'll ? I thought this was a pro-Under the Dome Community but all I hear is such negative stuff about the show; I happen to love IT! Please people give it a chance OR we will get stuck w/"yet another reality show" which is just fake as crap! As for the Leftover's I will give it at least to episode 3 or 4, and if its not something I find interesting I will not watch it anymore; right now its new so "anything can happen"! Also I love that Stephen King has written a couple of episodes of Under the Dome- he's amazing writer; love that Sherry Stringfield will be coming on, she's a great actress - loved her since (I think it was Guiding Light); I also am IN love w/Barbie, can't help it he's fine :) As for Big Jim and Jr. both of them are nuts off the rack and could careless if either of them die tonight; but my bet is on Jr. We shall see!!

  • Muderboy Jul 01, 2014

    It is a pro Dome community--it's just not a stupid one who buys this crap. And it is crap, and that's why we watch it. Best crap in town...

  • Jd0287 Jul 01, 2014

    Lol i didn't think it was that bad of a 1st season. It's not a show I've been counting down (I actually didn't know it was airing tonight til I saw the tweet) but it definitely kept me entertained last summer. The acting and writing was a little off but I still enjoy the concept of the Dome. Btw thanks for the reminder TV.com

  • mead306 Jul 01, 2014

    Didn't even have to see who wrote this garbage, to know who writer was. Mr. "Reality"/ Mr. "Cable". For some reason, Mr. Surrette wants reality on network tv. He doesn't want an escape from reality for an hour or two a week. Stick to MTV and CMT, Mr. Surrette!

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