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    What a stupid show

    By jsmithepa, Feb 16, 2015

    Always wanted to watch this show and finally did it tonight... about Peavey. So at the end the 3 employees involved got "prices" why? what does that say to the audience that we don't already know that often times employees are trying to do our jobs but management doesn't really relate to us at that level, and we get "paid" if we get on television? And to put salt on the wound, 2 of the employees weren't happy at the end because Peavey closed the manufacturing plant. The guy who the boss said was a "keeper" was going to a better job just to be convinced by the boss to stay, then shortly after closes the plant! There you go for believing the bull.

    A better show would be: The boss visits the employees, and as a result, find way to re-engineers the business and stabilizes and grow to support the current employees.moreless

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    love it

    By sylvieferris, Jan 17, 2015

    i wish i could experience only one time my in life something different that i had done all in my life, organic farming, open mind of people Farmer are the base of everything in life.

    but it would be a blessing to be a star, makeup to dress up. it would be a dream even if it was only one day. thnk you fo reading me

    Sylvie Ferris, since 1837

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    FAKE as fake can be..

    By annkristinnormann, Jan 12, 2015

    The last 3 shows has been STRANGE.... the guy at the car rep. body shop.. Just LOOK how fake it is... AND the last.. the hairdresser thing.. The bosses are really bad acters.. I am sure they are telling the bosses what to say and the employees as well. Just watch the change since the 3 first seasons... This is STAGED!! :( sniff sniff ;( i used to love this show...

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    Undercover porn star

    By marla3, Jan 04, 2015

    Disgusting. I've enjoyed most of the shows but this guy was a pervert. I thought it was wrong for him to fire the bartender and not give her a second chance. He didn't like his experience with her and she was just being honest about not liking working there. He didn't give her a second chance. Instead another girl was his "bikini babe" who had made mistakes but he gave her option to get a boob job. Really? What boss does that? Totally disgusting! No wonder he's not married and is a playboy. Noticed in one part of the show a picture he had a picture of Hugh Hefner on the wall. This place is worse than Hooters. Surprised CBS ran this episode. He could easily be brought up on charges. Normally this is a heart warming show this was the worst.moreless

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    Undercover Boss is off my watch list!

    By SherryMCI, Jan 03, 2015

    Too many shows to choose from to continue watching this show. After the Bikinis episode the "Under Cover" concept has been lost in the true reason why these bosses are going undercover. Must be running out of valid companies to have bosses go under cover. In my book, Undercover Boss has been cancelled.

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    Bikini BOOB Boss

    By REM7000, Dec 30, 2014

    We've watched Undercover Boss since the beginning and were TOTALLY DISGUSTED with the airing of the BIKINIS show! The CBS management team has reached an all time new LOW by allowing the airing of this episode. I don't care if that sicko CEO did take time 'out of his busy schedule' to work through the undercover process; this CEO and his sexist attitude demonstrated absolutely NO RESPECT to females. By airing his repeated 'BREASTaurant' comments, CBS promoted his view of women as 'objects' & not thinking, viable individuals.

    I hope the fired bartender takes action, hires a lawyer & files a defamation of character suit against the CEO. A priceless, teachable opportunity was missed when the CEO DID NOT take action & implement a training program for ALL corporate guidelines for when to stop serving.

    As for 'offering' to pay for a boob WHAT A to mention the waitress who was willing to jump with . She really is a sad case as well.

    The show has aired and millions have seen it. The initial damage has been done. I can only hope that three things might yet be forthcoming:

    1. CBS will air a public apology in multiple venues (on air/newspaper ads/social media posts) for their poor judgment in airing such stupidity.

    2. CBS will STOP this episode from ever airing again as a rerun.

    3. CBS will be more conscientious when airing any further episodes of Undercover Boss. It is not the business that was as offensive as the pompous CEO who obviously believes he is a gift to all mankind! The HOOTERS episode demonstrated a respect for its female employees. Sadly, this jerk did not! BIKINIS really is a CLASSLESS Hooters.moreless

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    Blow Your Cover Boss

    By ChrisMohrSr, Dec 29, 2014

    How dumb are these employees that they never question all the cameras and sound equipment that come with this new "employee" as he/she learns their new job?

    The fact that this show has lasted so long is a testament to the fact that the average television viewer can be easily brainwashed.

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    Bikini's Restraunt Review

    By pearlnroypatterson, Dec 29, 2014

    This was THEE WORSE show you have ever recorded!!! The CEO is a sick man who really doesnt care about FOOD, only about the Breast's of women getting business into his bar!

    Bikini's CEO shows mental issues of his personal life. He's probably dating the girl he BOUGHT Breast Implants for? Geez, absolutely the WORSE show you have ever showcased!!

    This family will be cautious from now on of your shows!!!! =(

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    The worst ever!!!! Bikinis bar and grill

    By Nanis3boys, Dec 29, 2014

    In our household we look forward to watching this show. I am very disappointed that the producers actually allowed this episode to air.

    The CEO for Bikinis bar and grill was horrible. First offering to help one of his employees to get bigger boobies!!! Does he know what health hazards are caused by this type of procedure. encapsulation of the breast and hardening of the breast, yet he was concerned over the customer who was drinking too much?

    Then firing an employee and offering to send her resume to other prospective employers, is he kidding? I could not believe that he was allowed to do this? I will not be surprised if the x-employee get an attorney to possibly sue him!

    I hope that the producers will not show this again, I really want to continue to watch this program with the positive CEO that mentor and help employees to be part of their team.


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    Furious with Bikini's

    By Hummerlady, Dec 29, 2014

    The CEO & Founder of Bikini's is such a sexist. I used to love Undercover Boss but this episode was completely disgusting. He just doesn't get it. The woman who was fired for not wearing the bikini top & for continuing to serve a man who probably drank too much to drink was not being fair. She could have been counseled and given another chance. But no, what he really didn't like about her was her lack of passion for his "breastaurant". I found the term very offense. So, he fired her. That's his business but I bet many viewers didn't agree. I wouldn't want a daughter of mine to make a career of working at that joint. He didn't even have medical insurance for his Managers. I'm glad he gave it to that one woman but just her? His reward for that Bikini Babe" manager was to pay for the care her daughter needs. She should have had medical insurance for his manager in the first place. What a jerk! Gee, I'd be thrilled to have a breast enlargement surgery instead of a monetary reward for working at a job. I do suppose the CEO thinks of himself as a Hugh Hefner of sports bars. Why didn't CBS consider how offense this episode is to many women before the try aired it. This show had taken a dive!moreless

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