Tilted Kilt

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    Pub-licity Stunt!

    By heartsofjoy2u, Nov 10, 2012

    When I watched this episode, I did so out of curiosity. I was moved by Mr. Lynch's compassion and desire to help the workers he met. I almost bought into the pub-licity of it all. I have never gone into a Tilted Kilt because the uniforms are sexist and exploit women. Much like Hooters. Lynch is using women's sexuality and expects the public to buy that this is a PG-13 family establishment, so ridiculous. Anyone that would take their family would be looked down upon and no classy woman would want their husband to take them there. So many wonderful establishments make money and don't exploit women. Shame on Lynch! I sent a similar message to the corporate office.moreless

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    CEO is tilted

    By caseyskettle, Nov 10, 2012

    This guy has got to be kidding he dresses his waitresses( notice no waiters )as strippers and says its a family place. Place is most appropriate for a bachelor party. Who does he think is going to swallow his twaddle of family when the only thing visible is cleavage. Then he is shocked when patrons become inappropriate. The only thing shocking is the drivel he spouts about family value while surrounded by scantily clad women

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