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  • S 6 : Ep 52

    Episode 652

    Aired 9/5/02

  • S 6 : Ep 51

    Episode 651

    Aired 9/4/02

  • S 6 : Ep 50

    Episode 650

    Aired 9/3/02

  • S 6 : Ep 49

    Episode 649

    Aired 9/2/02

  • S 6 : Ep 48

    Episode 648

    Aired 8/30/02

  • Cast & Crew
  • Dante Basco


  • Sarah Lancaster


  • Jon Huertas


  • Bree Turner


  • Bahni Turpin


  • show Description
  • Welcome to the Undressed guide at TV.com. From the acclaimed director, Roland JoffĂ© comes Undressed, a sexy MTV anthology series that follows lives of couples, of different races, preferences, and genders with their relationship problems. From teenagers at high school, to college, and as far as post college. This is only place that you'll find accurate information about the episode synopsis, the stars, the guest stars, the writers as well as directors information. Which no site, besides Jeff Goode's site, tries to tackle onto Undressed's very complex episode guide. Season 1 (Darko) Bree Turner who played Tina, appears the most in the season, with 17 appearances. The second most appearances is by Sarah Lancaster who played Liz, Tina's sister with 13 appearances. Season 2 (Darko) Eddie Ebell who played Jamie, appears the most in the season with 16 appearances. The second most appearances is by Lackey Bevis who played Jamie's girlfriend, with 15 appearances. Season 3 (Darko) Brandon Davis who played Michael appears the most in this season with 12 appearances. The second most appearances goes to Monica Serene Garinch, and Ryan Carlberg with 11 appearances each. Season 4 (undressedisdabomb) Despite ordering 40 episodes, This is so called "down fall." They did not include those fun storylines (as they did with the first three seasons.) Season 5 (Darko and undressedisdabomb, synopses from matthew02) Pushing the tv limits on wearing cock rings, and then showing it! (not his private part of course, but the ring itself) Season 6 (Darko) Most episodes & gay storylines up to date. They filmed in Montreal, Canada. The introduction credits do not follow the typical brown background with the faces of each character; rather, it is more colorful, w/ pictures of bananas and certain hott scenes throughout the series. Undressed also airs in Canada on PrideVision TV. Check local listings for airings in your area. Curious about the ratings? Well on the timewarner site, it said durning July 15, 2002, Undressed (Season 6) took in 2.2 in the ratings. But since it's on cable ratings ranges from .9 - 3.6 (maybe at the most). You can pretty much predict that Undressed averages somewhere between .6 to 2.5 in the ratings per episode. In 2001, they released an original soundtrack which is now out of print. You can still buy it at MTV's storemoreless

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  • Quotes (99)

    • Gina: I don't want to get crushed when this thing gives out. Kiki: Put on your bike helmet.

    • Gina: I have an exam tomorrow. Kiki: So what's the big deal, fill in the dots. Gina: It's an essay test.

    • Rory: You Love Me? Jana: I Hate You.

    • (Kiki and Tony having sex, with Gina on the bottom bunk turns on her vibrator) Tony: What's that? Kiki: What? Tony: I heard a blender.

    • Annette: I just started dressing up for him. Todd: Wow. Uh, French Maid?

    • Z: How do we do it? Doc: Well, you insert your penis in her vagina.

    • (Kiki being self-centered) Kiki: We both know, Your here to see me. Mark: That was the other night!

    • Annette: (about breast size) More than a mouthful is a waste.

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    Notes (289)

    • In this version, every single actor is different from the one that aired. Also this one had a different director.

    • Most of the information you see is from Jeff Goode's site, located here: http://www.jeffgoode.com/tv/undressed/00pilot/index.htm; His site also has pictures with the timecoded bar on the bottom of them, perhaps dailies, or a rough cut that he kept.

    • All the actors that was casted, did not survive the aired version. They were all recasted, which is no surprise. See MTV's first soap opera Spyder Games's Unaired Pilot. They also had their some characters, recasted, although they already had "named" stars, like Shawn Batten, or Christina Chambers, both from Sunset Beach.

    • Justin Urich who plays Doc, later stars in Speedway Junky with Erik Alexander Gavica, who is also in Season 1, but do not cross paths. But Justin Urich cross paths with Benjamin Shelfer in Speedway Junky Who is also from Undressed, Season 2.

    • Filmed in Los Angeles, California.

    • In original pilot, Dan Kopelman and Jill Cargerman were the original creators/writers of their own segments. David Silverman and Marcy Gray Rubin are credited on the show, because they were headwriters and did the rewrites. For legal reasons, Kopelman and Cargerman are listed as creative consultants.

    • Eric Winter's face is not shown, although you hear his voice.

    • Just like Kiki's other flingish boyfriend, We do not see Tony's (played by Ryan Carpentier) face, only a voice is heard.

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    Trivia (18)

    • Tess's phone number is 555-0163.

    • Annie's phone number is 555-0125.

    • The poem that Max wrote goes: Territory By Anonymous A new land stretches before me, Uncharted, unknown, Familiar only as it meets my feet. Each step a question Move forward, free and alone, Or hold fast to the life that beckons, Whispering Stay Stay.

    • On this episode, Cassidy pushes Max to ask Bonnie to the dance--- however, as she says this, there is a poster behind her that's promoting the "Sadie Hawkins Dance". Isn't the Sadie Hawkins dance the one where the girl asks the guy to the dance?

    • The High School's name is "West Canyon High School" and their mascot are Sharks.

    • Renata says that the leopard bra that Stan has is her favorite, but, in episode 310, she tells Ben that the purple bra she is wearing is her favorite.

    • Bad editing? When Lena announces that her date is Todd, her lines wasn't heard, but only the background music.

    • Allan mentions that Les' roommate moved out. Les' roommate was Victor (From Episodes 319 - 321).

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    Allusions (5)

    • Stacey: Scram, Pippi. (Looking at Tina with her braids)
      Most likely this refers to Pippi Longstocking.

    • Liz: "Saved By The Bell"
      In joke on Sarah Lancaster who starred in "Saved By The Bell: The New Class."

    • Emma: "You leave Mr. Fuzzy alone."
      This refers to another segment of the show, when Emma's saga had her boyfriend expressed his feelings to the sock puppet.

    • Jared: "Just it's called that, Doesn't actually mean you blow."
      Refers to a blow job. You don't actually blow, but suck.

    • Title: He ain't Gay, He's my Brother This is a take from the song He Ain't Heavy, He's my Brother originally written by Bobby Scott and Bobby Russel.

  • Fan Reviews (12)
  • Undressed is coming to DVD! at www.undressedtv.com you can get all the details! WOOOOO HOOOOOO.

    By AbolutMorrow, Oct 09, 2008

  • Awesome series, that maybe the younger generation shouldn't see, but I would sure like to own..

    By lilazn, Apr 24, 2007

  • why dont they have like any of the seasons available to buy anywere?

    By onetim3chance19, Apr 24, 2007

  • OMG!! Like it was totally on tonight on MTV. It through me for a loop b/c it hasn't been on for like ever. I hope they start playing them again during the insomniac hours. YAY!

    By gem203, Apr 10, 2007

  • ...the mentality I had as an initial outsider to the series was what is this? A soap opera with a lot of sex? Why are they showing this on MTV? When the truth is...

    By GeigerdolylWodd, Oct 16, 2006

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