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    Keep it coming

    By JessicaStDen, 2 days ago

    Unforgettable is an amazing show I have been watching it since the day it first aired. Please don't cancle it again this show is to good to be canceled.

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    Don't cancel

    By ellybella8441, 2 days ago

    This show is amazing!!!! And you can't cancel it right after the big finale! Please whatever you do PLEASE don't cancel this amazing show!Don't listen to these haters listen to the people that want the show back we love unforgettable!!!!

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    Can they produce an episode not laced with pure male hatred propaganda?

    By Gal5a, Feb 02, 2016

    It seems no show today, with a female hero, can escape the need to be part of the anti-Men agenda. don't you have sons, brothers?!

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    Song for show should be "Everybody Wants You" (Cheap Trick)

    By AftonMead, Jan 23, 2016

    Ever since she became the producer, every single show is about Who Wants Carrie!! It is sickening! Is she that self loving? narcissistic? There has not been a show lately that isn't about who wants her, it over shadows the real plot of the shows. Get a grip woman, you are possibly pretty, but every man on earth doesn't want you. Even Elizabeth Taylor didn't think that way (and She could have). It must be a nightmare to work with this person. The acting has gone down the toilet, don't know what is going on there, and either put her and Al together or let it go, this dancing around each other every single show, is as gagging as bad fish stuck in your throat. It has gone so far from the original concept that I don't even recognize it. It was a good show when they were just cops, not "federal agents", and when there was someone to put a leash on Poppy Montgomery's self worship. Take hold of yourself before you lose the show completely!!!


    Ready to move on to other thingsmoreless

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    unforgettable cancel it again!

    By johnrj, Jan 23, 2016

    This show really sucks neither one of them can act that's why it was canceled once before and will be again it's not something I would be crying over and its far far from being brilliant but it looks like A&E is getting desperate for show this season to have put that show on the air again because there was a good reason why they canceled it in the first place because every acter on that show can't act to save there life that's why none of them never made it in the movies business they just should have gotten Teresa from the long Island medium show and dog the bounty hunter to do that show and maybe then it might no not even then but people who think this show is awesome need to change there channel once in a while or upgrade there cable package because there are a lot better show on TV then this one but if your TV is stuck on A&E try watching criminal minds because that's the show there trying to copy but they know how to act on that show and its not boring but what can you do they think they can put a pretty face on there and have a hit show LOL it doesn't work like that anymore like it did back in the day that's why it got canceled and they should of let it die out like the rest of them but this must be the fan page because if you go onto social media you won't find one person that can stand the show so A&E please cancel this show and put it out of it's misery because the cast can't act and the show sucks really bad!moreless

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    Welcome back!

    By Sparzy666, Nov 28, 2015

    I almost cried when i saw this had come back.

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    It's back

    By Mapals07, Nov 16, 2015

    Looking forward to the return of this brilliant show. It started slow but gradually got much better, couldn't believe it when it was cancelled. Finally somebody realised and brought it back. Just hope I'm not disappointed. If it's as good as it has been then I'm all set for a downward spiral into an awesome show. Thank the tv gods that it's back and I get to watch it. Lucky me.

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    it's back on

    By OpWo45, Oct 17, 2015

    Thought it was a BIG mistake to cancel this one... glad to hear it will be back!

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    It's coming back!

    By MayTanner, Feb 10, 2015

    Yay! What a nice surprise, to get Carrie and Al back. I was really bummed, when they cancelled the show. Resurrected for a second time, that's really something. I'm looking forward to the next season of Unforgettable. I wish, they would keep it for longer, this time around.

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    Excellent show

    By InekeKooijman, Dec 29, 2014

    What a great show this is/was, I just watched all 3 seasons and I have to say, it is chemistry between Al and Carrie is just fantastic and I totally disagree with people that say their relationship is kiss was long long long overdue....

    It's a crying shame it got cancelled and I really hope they rethink their deciscion and bring it back for another season, I want to see who killed her sister who that handsome husband of hers is and why she never told anyone....moreless

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