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  • Carrie: Al, it's fine. I understand you have a girlfriend. I just didn't realize she was a shrink.
    Al: I know what you're thinking.
    Carrie: What? That "psychology's a waste of time and money and research proves that talking about your feelings doesn't make you feel any better"?
    Al: Okay, no quoting me on the job.
    Carrie: Wow, so many rules here. And by the way, I agree with you. Shrinks never did me any good.
    Al: I'm not in it for the free therapy.

  • Carrie: OK, you guys may dress better here, but the coffee is just as bad as Syracuse.

  • Carrie: I was out of line today. Sorry.
    Al: That's okay. (both laughs) You're still pretty lousy at that, aren't you?
    Carrie: What, at admitting I'm wrong?
    Al: Pretending to admit you're wrong.
    Carrie: Oh, was it the sorry?
    Al: Yeah.
    Carrie: Yeah.

  • Carrie: If you want to win on self-defense, you better hope she can repeat that performance.
    Moser: Look, Detective... Wells, was it? This woman was brutally assaulted. Showing stunning presence of mind, she dared to resist her attacker, which may be the only reason you didn't find her on that floor.
    Carrie: Pace yourself, counselor. You want to save something for closing arguments.
    Moser: I've enjoyed your company. Have a nice day.

  • Carrie: Where's Al?
    Mike: He's coming in from the city. He and Elaine were looking at apartments uptown.
    Roa: O-oh. Al hit the lotto with that one. How do I land a girl with a trust fund?
    Mike: Try brushing your teeth.

  • Carrie: (opening) I'm Carrie Wells. Only a few people in the world have the ability to remember everything. I'm one of them. Pick any day of my life, and I can tell you what I saw or heard: faces, conversations, clues... which comes in handy when you're a cop. If I miss something the first time it's okay. I can go back and look again. My life...is unforgettable.

  • Nina: Look what was hiding in the rocks.
    Carrie: Ooh, a Louboutin. It's the Mercedes of shoes.
    Mike: Meaning it goes with the car?
    Carrie: Meaning no one would willingly leave it behind.

  • Carrie: I looked all over the house. In the attic, in the garage, in my mother's car. But she didn't lie. Rachel's things were gone, lost. And I decided in that moment... that I would never lose anything again. So, I sat down in my room... and started remembering the way things were. Where Rachel and I kept our-our troll collection... pictures... the unicorn she won at the county fair that she said was half mine... Our mood-lighting scarf... all of it. Everything that had been in the room... down to the last book she read... the button that had fallen off the sleeve of the last coat she wore... everything.
    Roe: Wells, it's... it's like a novel, almost. Must be great. I mean, I've seen you in action. But it must suck sometimes, too, huh?
    Carrie: Yeah, sometimes.

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  • Additional Credits:
    Sound Editorial: Sony Pictures Studios
    Recorded at: Todd-AO Burbank
    Video Post Production Services: Encore Hollywood
    Camera Systems: ARRI CSC
    Filmed at: Silvercup Studios

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Canada: September 20, 2011 on CTV
    Sweden: October 13, 2011 on TV3
    Czech Republic: November 9, 2011 on AXN
    United Kingdom: January 10, 2012 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD

  • Season 1 (excluding Pilot) Credits:
    Sound Editorial: Sony Pictures Studios
    Recorded at: Warner Bros. Sound
    Video Post Production Services: Colorworks
    Camera Systems: ARRI CSC
    Filmed at: Silvercup Studios

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Canada: September 27, 2011 on CTV
    Sweden: October 20, 2011 on TV3
    Czech Republic: November 16, 2011 on AXN
    United Kingdom: January 17, 2012 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Canada: October 4, 2011 on CTV
    Sweden: October 27, 2011 on TV3
    Czech Republic: November 23, 2011 on AXN
    United Kingdom: January 24, 2012 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD

  • Music Featured In This Episode:
    1. Matador by Maria Taylor
    Opening Scene: Carrie is doing a crossword puzzle and a guy (Tom) hits on her.
    2. One and Only by ADELE
    CODA - Closing Scene: Carrie leaves Tom alone in bed after hooking up with him.

  • Original International Air Dates:
    Canada: October 11, 2011 on CTV
    Sweden: November 3, 2011 on TV3
    Czech Republic: November 30, 2011 on AXN
    United Kingdom: January 31, 2012 on Sky LIVING/Sky LIVING HD

  • Music Featured In This Episode:
    The Boys of Queensby The BibleCode Sundays
    CODA - Closing Scenes: Jim's wake is held at the bowling alley.

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  • Goof: Det. Saunders says about the murder weapon (a sculpture) that it belonged to the Postsurrealist movement of the 1920s. The Postsurrealism (or Postism) was born in Madrid in 1945 and lasted till 1950, and was a marginal art group.
    Saunders gets the date wrong since in the 1920s the movement wasn't born (what was born in the 20s is Surrealism itself)

  • Goof: In this episode, when ADA Gilroy arrives at the second crime scene, Carrie doesn't know who he is. He was also in the episode prior, where it is made obvious they have met before. It would seem that this episode and episode 3, Check out time, have changed places. This is not fixed on the DVD release, at least not on the Region 2 edition.

  • Marilu Henner has total recall of her life as the character Carrie Wells does. When studying for the part Poppy Montgomery met with her to find out how her memory worked. Poppy was very self conscious because she knew if she had some spinach on her teeth Marilu would remember it for the rest of her life.

  • Goof: When Carrie enters the interrogation room she sits on the right chair, next to the door. When the camera changes she is sitting on the left chair and Roe is sitting on the right one.

  • At the construction site, Al introduces himself as Lieutenant Burns instead of Detective Burns, which is the first time he uses the title of Lieutenant. He continues to call himself Lt. Burns in future episodes.

  • Upon hearing Steve's Shakespearean line, "There's a divinity that shapes our ends...," Carrie mistakingly attributes it to Romeo & Juliet when it is from Hamlet.

  • Goof: The Only time we see the real Morgan is lying dead in the van. All the moves by Jensen (aka Morgan) explain how all the anomalies, including the fingerprint conflict came to be except one. How did Carrie's DNA show up under the dead Morgan's fingernails? We see Carrie's "Unforgettable" flashback near the warehouse in which Jensen, posing as Morgan, scratched her hand when she tried to go after the shadowy figure she thinks may be Jensen.

  • When assassin Jackie is looking up an old newspaper clipping concerning an incident involving Carrie on her computer, you can see that the text of the story is just the same 2 or 3 paragraphs replicated and are put together in a random pattern that makes the story meaningless.

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  • Aunt Edie says, "I'm sorry I don't have your powers of recall." The interesting thing is that the actress playing Edie, Marylou Henner does in fact have those powers of recall.

  • Joanne: Apparently lamination and winning baseball is yet to hit this borough.

    Joanne is taking a shot at the New York Mets, who play their home games at Citi Field in the borough of Queens. Although the teams has had success in the past, including World Series Championships in 1969 and 1986, they are coming off three consecutive losing seasons and have made the playoffs only once (2006) in the last 11 seasons.

  • Al: Do you think you can estimate the entry angle of the bullet?
    Joanne: Can Jeter turn two?
    Al: Not as fast as he used to.

    Joanne is referring to long-time New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. He is the Yankees' captain and has played his entire 17-year career with the team. At age 37, many feel that he has lost a step or two from when he was in his prime.

  • Roe: The podiatrist in the study with nail clippers.
    Roe is referring to the c board game Clue. The game, which has been around since 1948, is for 3-6 players and revolves around solving a murder by determining not only the murderer, but also the room in which the murder took place and the weapon used.

  • This guy hasn't been this speechless since the Dinkins administration!
    Refers to David Norman Dinkins, who served as the 106th Mayor of New York City, from 1990 to 1993.

  • Al: They're Occupy New York types
    Refers to the Occupy movement in general and likely to the Occupy Wall Street movement in particular.  The movement began on September 17, 2011, in Zuccotti Park, New York. The movement's slogan "We are the 99%" referred to group's perceptions of income disparity and economic inequality.

  • Edward Jenner
    Dr. Jenner (1749 – 1823) was an English physician and scientist who pioneered the world's first vaccine, the vaccine for smallpox. He has been called 'the father of immunology' and his work has been said to have saved more lives than the work of any other human.