Unhappily Ever After

The WB (ended 1999)
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  • S 5 : Ep 22

    Le Morte D'Floppy

    Aired 5/23/99

  • S 5 : Ep 21

    Tiffany Tutors the Teachers

    Aired 5/16/99

  • S 5 : Ep 20

    The Artist and the Con Artist

    Aired 5/9/99

  • S 5 : Ep 19

    Date to Win

    Aired 5/2/99

  • S 5 : Ep 18

    The Perfect Guy

    Aired 2/28/99

  • Cast & Crew
  • Joyce Van Patten

    Maureen Slattery (1995-1996)

  • Bobcat Goldthwait

    Mr. Floppy

  • Geoff Pierson

    Jack Malloy

  • Kristanna Loken

    Sable O'Brien (1996-1997)

  • Nikki Cox

    Tiffany Malloy

  • show Description
  • Jack Malloy is the stressed-out and hallucinating father who works at a used car lot where his boss is his father in-law. Jennifer "Jennie" Malloy is the mother. She has little time for any of her kids or for her husband. Maureen Slattery is Jennie's mother (Jack's mother in-law). Ryan Malloy is the oldest son who is not too bright. Ryan is disliked by both parents; primarily, because he was conceived on their first date becoming the reason why they are all together in this mess and secondly, because he's stupid. Tiffany Malloy is the beautiful, smart daughter. She is envied by her mother and worshipped by her father who relishes her intelligence and her virginity. Ross Malloy is the youngest, forgotten child. He is of average intelligence but progressively develops a warped personality from the lack of any parental love. Mr. Floppy is a stuffed rabbit that Ross gave to Jack. After the stresses of separating from Jennie and having to leave his house, Jack begins to imagine Mr. Floppy is talking to him. Despite being a creation of Jack's own mind, Mr. Floppy shows Jack no more respect than anybody else does; but to Jack, Mr. Floppy becomes his best friend and faithful companion.moreless

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  • Quotes (11)

    • Doctor: Your husband seems to have a problem with the price. Jennie: He's not my husband, he's just the best I could do with THESE! (indicating at her breasts)

    • Mr. Floppy: I'm physically challenged. You, on the other hand, are handicapped by your stupidity. Jack: No, I can't be stupid. I have three kids. Stupid people have four.

    • Jennie: Okay, put your hands together and pray. Ross: What's pray?

    • Jack: Well, I did it again: I beat the kid. And this time I beat him with the outside shot Mr. Floppy: LIAR!! I’m your alter ego, not your wife. Jack: Oh, all right. I panicked him in, it’s true. I didn’t want to lose, is there something wrong with that. I don’t know. Jenny thinks I should let him win. Mr. Floppy: That’s what’s wrong with this country. Let the weak win. Every nerd makes the team. Every loser gets to play. Gee, maybe we should’ve let Hitler win. He had a hard childhood. Doesn’t he deserve to rule the world? Jack, there’s a conspiracy going on out there. Evil people are trying to destroy our great country. I’m not mentioning any names, but they’re ice-mocha, cappuccino drinking, café eating, J-crew wearing, beamer driving, Friends watching, sushi tasting, scented candle burning yuppies. And they’re starting with our most haloed institution: The Miss America contest. They wanna make talent more important than the swimsuit competition. Jack: That’s how we end up with a fat Miss America who plays the harp. Mr. Floppy: And when was the last time we won the Miss Universe contest? We can’t compete with the Brazils of the world because they know that good hooters and tight butts are more important than a sensitive soul with blubbery thighs. We lost our killer instinct. We haven’t destroyed another country in years. [To camera] Listen world, don’t get too cocky out there. The real Americans are still here and one day, we’re gonna wake up from our drunken stupor and realize we have a fat, ugly Miss America and say “What the hell happened here?” and on that day, we’ll grab our guns and swig one more beer, and kill, and kill, and kill until this is the great country it once was. USA! USA! USA!

    • Mr Floppy : (from overhead) Luke! Luke! Jack: Obi-Wan? Mr. Floppy: Jack, you take every joke too far.

    • Tiffany: Look at me all you want. I will not reveal his true identity. Jenny: Then technically, we don't even know there IS a problem. So who wants his cake? Jack: Me!

    • Floppy: Who'd want to talk about women when we're talking about breasts? Do you insult the wall by talking about about the painting? Jack: I don't know. What does the wall's butt look like?

    • Ryan: President Ryan. You... Ross: Suck. Ryan: You should be ass...ass...ass. Ross: Assassinated. Ryan: Assassinated, you.... Ross: Ass. Ryan: Right. Wait until I find this anonymous. When I get through with him, no one will even know who he is.

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    Notes (24)

    • This show was very similar to Fox's hit show Married With Children which lasted 11 seasons.

    • Magnovox is an extremely common brand of VCR (video cassette recorder) in the USA. The name however is virtually unknown in other parts of the world. So the episode title, "Gift Of The Magnovox" essentially means "Gift Of The VCR".

    • In the opening credits, the last "hit the road" in the theme is changed to Jennie saying "come on back."

    • On the night this episode aired, cast members from the WB lineup guest starred on each other's shows. Jackee Harry (from "Sister, Sister") appears as Ms. Blake in this episode, and earlier in the evening Nikki Cox appeared on "Sister, Sister."

    • This is Kristanna Loken's first appearance (she would have a recurring role) on UNHAPPILY EVER AFTER. Kristanna's other work includes: PENSACOLA-WINGS OF GOLD (she was James Brolin's daughter); MORTAL KOMBAT-KONQUEST (she was a heroic thief/martial artist); and, most recently, TERMINATOR 3-RISE OF THE MACHINES (she was the evil and horrifying T-X Terminatrix.)

    • Amber wears a green bikini in this show, and is actually showing more skin than Tiffany and Sable.

    • The alternate title of this episode is "The Hair Hacker Whodunit."

    • This is one of child-star Bridgette Andersen's final roles; she died the following year of a drug-and-alcohol overdose. She was 21 years young.

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    Trivia (6)

    • The name of the school Ryan and Tiffany attend went through some name changes. It is listed for this episode as Howe High, and the schools logo is an indian with his hand up in the typical "How" greeting. The indian is also smoking a pipe. Later in the series it is shown as Priddie High. And later still it reverts back to Howe High. Possibly the name is a play on words, with a drug reference (recall the indian is smoking). Howe High = How High? Priddie High = Pretty High!

    • Miss Taylor is played by Jessica Hahn. At the time of this shows production Jessica Hahn was the partner of Ron Leavitt, the shows Producer. Hahn originally came to public attention as the secretary who was sexually involved with a TV preacher. The scandle resulted in the preacher losing his position, and led Hahn into the public eye.

    • When Tiffany,and later her Mom & Dad are surfing,the background of the ocean is obviously fake.

    • Tiffany and Barbara want to get into college,but they still dress like tramps during their interviews. You would think they would dress in more respectable clothes.

    • Initially, the script included a Mr. Floppy rant against a USA Today reviewer who'd panned the show. When calmer heads (probably legal ones) prevailed, the rant was replaced by the Jack/Floppy rap "Hate the Man."

    • Mr. Floppy makes a reference to "That 70's Show" in this episode. After Unhappily ended, Geoff Pierson starred in "That 80's Show" created after 70's proved successful.

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    Allusions (3)

    • The scene at the end where the males are scavenging food from the bins, and end up gazing upwards in awe of a leg of meat is a twist on the apes with the monolith in the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey

    • Episode Title:the Tell-Tale Lipstick This is a reference to the famous short story, The Tell-Tale Heart, by Edgar Allen Poe.

    • Title:: Ryan, The Vampire Slayer
      It's obviously a takeoff of the popular 1997 cult hit "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

  • Fan Reviews (10)
  • A cheap rehash of Married with Children that was actually pretty good

    By CansisKid, Jun 12, 2012

  • Jack Malloy is a stressed-out father who works at a used car lot where his boss is his father in-law. He is unapreciatd at home and hallucinates, especially when drinking, that his son's stuffed rabbit, Mr. Floppy, comes to life to talk to him.

    By Nickey_Cole, Aug 10, 2006

  • Looking back at this show is great. Its like a whos who of current popular tv.

    By dodgersrealm, Sep 20, 2005

  • This Series is nothing more than a bad copy of "Married With Children". That's all, folks!

    By 0hBoy, Mar 28, 2006

  • Unhappily Ever After is very nice.

    By Shaowan, Jun 14, 2006

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