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    A show about 4 friends who have come out of a bad relationship and who do funny things. Just like family guy!

    By Psychonuant, May 23, 2008

    This is why Fox loses viewers, because they cancelle great shows like this one. I actually gave this show a chance, I was just flipping through channels and found this show and lauged so hard from the first episode. Fox you need to reconsider, most people like these kinds of shows! It was good because right after Family Guy I could watch another funny show. Overall, great show and I wish Fox would reconsider. Otherwise I won't watch Fox again expect for Family Guy. Unhitched was a one of kind show that made me laugh so hard, I will miss it!moreless

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  • 9.4

    Clever writing and a good Cast.

    By tjfall3704, Apr 30, 2008

    This show has a love / hate following and I am in the former. Clever writing and good cast selection make this the funniest show since seinfeld. This show is not for everyone and those that don't like it should stick with shows like Big Brother or American Idol or some other reality show where the content is dumbed down a bit. Unhitched purposefully chooses ridiculous topics that sometimes make you cringe. That is the funny part people! Hope this show gets picked up because it is much better than Friends reruns. Everyone I have convinced to try this show has thought it was very funny.moreless

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  • 7.5

    A Crazy,Surprising and sometimes Shocking new "Black" Comedy from Fox (go figure? heh)

    By stuart_watson, Apr 01, 2008

    Well my wife and I have watched this show since the first episode and the now classic/infamous monkey love scene in the opening minutes...and we love it!

    No we're not trailer trash, beer guzzling fiends with IQ points that match our waistband size...we're normal middle class people who can watch "black comedy" for what it is and get a kick out of it ;)

    Much like Family Guy (which i think my wife enjoys more than me lol) it seems that nothing is off limits, and for a self deprecating social and personal satire that's exactly as it should be right? Right!

    With the latest episode,you know the one about the rat and the microwave heh, yea we both knew that that was going to get some people all worked up. As actual members of PETA (yes I called the Japanese Consulate and voiced my concern and displeasure about the Whale hunting) we can about animals as much or more than the average guy or gal. While we would never condone such actions as the show depicted, we have the ability to separate facts and real life from fiction and comedic satire.

    That's ALL this show is folks...it's satire and black comedy. No everyone gets that kind of humor, which is fine and makes the world go around. So if it's NOT your cup of tea then pass the pitcher and choose another show. Please don't tell the wife and me that the show must go simply because "you" personally don't care for it ;)

    For those you enjoy crazy, off the wall situations and over the top stereotypes and mocceries...then look no farther because this show will keep you gasping, sometimes cringing and yes "Laughing" at all the insane antics it's cast stumbles into!

    Regards & Good Viewing to All :)moreless

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  • 9.5

    No other show on TV is doing this sort of big, bold comedy....I love it. It's not taking itslef too seriously and is just plain funny. Love the cast. Love the Farrelly's. Love to see more!

    By Desalu, Mar 31, 2008

    What you have here is a show that's got a very real premise, four people coming off marriages/relationships all getting back into the game, but it's a scary new world---and this show exposes that in a way no other show is doing. Also, the cast genuinely seems to be enjoying themsevles and really seem to like each other which is great. It's clear this show is going go for it, and it may not be for everyone, but if you want to laugh, you're going to want to watch...basically, this show feels fearless to me, like you have no idea what they'll do week in and week out, but I'm sure as hell interested in finding out!moreless

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    Started off funny but most recent episode....

    What kind of moron thinks it funny to microwave a rat???

    Disgusting, and immature.

    By mel176, Mar 31, 2008

    I have watched the show since the beginning of the series this year. I thought it was funny until the most recent episode which I believe is the season finale....

    What kind of moron thinks it funny to microwave a rat???

    Disgusting, and immature. I will not watch again. Animal cruelty is not funny and especially to microwave a rat, which is a slow and painful death for the poor animal. I lost all interest in the show after seeing that. I hope that people watching this show realize that things like that are not funny and the reality is that idiots really do things like that. Even though at the beginning of the episode the disclaimer read that no animals were hurt in the making if the show... doesn't matter, writers should have found a better way to make the show work.moreless

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    Wow, what can you say about this absolutely horrible show...

    By swdison_basic, Mar 25, 2008

    I watched all of the episodes so far and the ones on last sunday were horrible. I could not imagine that a show could really be this bad. What has happened to witty humor? I mean, what do you expect when it's from the makers of dumb and dumber. Although, I actually found that movie funny. This show, on the other hand, is not. Not one bit. In the last episode it was all about the white, fuzzy haired one was trying to learn a new technique for sex. So the foreign one was trying to teach him. And for 2 mins or so, they were trading off peeing, trying to show who had better control of their penis Seriously. That's what the writers came up with. For god sake, I'm sorry that I ever gave this show a chance. Hopefully, Fox will axe it.moreless

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  • 8.1

    The storyline is contemporary and so is the humor, cheat at times. Freddy's lessons on tantric sex are stupid. The complexities of wheelchair-bound character and Kate's response presented well. Freddie's ex-wife has potential. Bring her back.

    By keval99, Mar 24, 2008

    The episode in which Freddie shows how to pee is sick. The writers it seems cannot write without putting their characters in the bathroom. Doreep's character has great potential. Can contribute immensely to the sensibilities of multiculturalism. Especially in the context of Freddie's character, which is styreotype. Please, try to present the cultural conflicts in a more sensible manner. The other two characters, whose names I forgot, played well. There could be a better connection for Doreep with one of the other guys than Freddie. And then, the conflicts in Freddie's mind could create some interesting storylines in terms of his other relationships.moreless

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    Wow, this show is really that bad.

    By keylargodave, Mar 18, 2008

    The pilot was awful but I told myself to give it one more chance. The result was that I should have listened to my instincts. This show is horrible. The writing is bad, the acting is atrocious and come to think about it, I can't find one redeeming aspect to this sitcom. The fact that anybody is willing to watch any more of this dreck fills me with sadness for the television watching public in america. I really hope that Rashida Jones is kicking herself for leaving the office for this piece of dung.

    Don't let this junk stay on the air.moreless

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  • 8.6

    to bad he had to get a divorce in the frist place but they all seem like nice people in the show so I hope he does well in his next time aroung looking for a soul mate.

    By AtleeFan, Mar 15, 2008

    I hope it won't encourge divorces but if somebody fails the frist time maybe they really need a sceond chance as long as it's all kept clean that is the important thing. In the preview the people in it did seem to care about other people and caring about somebody is the important thing.I hope they do keep the show clean where people really do care about other people, so the divorce may not seem to hurt so much because a lots of time when somebody gets married they hope it's for the rest of thier life unless thier misable, in the marriage.moreless

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