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    About this series

    By JordanWelch, Jun 02, 2013

    The writers of season one is not good because it talk about a teen boy who is gay for which I don't like it just not right for me, but it had great main title design and acting for Toni Collette in season one.

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    What an awesome show!

    By kepa55, Sep 13, 2011

    When I saw the first episode of United States of Tara, it felt so fresh and different. It was like the first few episodes of Weeds all over again. The show balances comedy and drama extremely well for the most of time; at times you're on the floor laughing, at others you're just staring at the screen in shock, and in others you don't know weather to laugh of cry - and you do both.Almost all of the characters and actors are great: you might not like them, but there certainly isn't a boring one in this bunch. Tara/Alyce/T/Buck (played by the fantastic Tony Collette, she deserved those Emmy and Golden Globe awards) is of course the centre of attention. Marshall is fantastic as the wise-beyond-his-years -kid. I found Kate's character the least likable of the core family, but someway along the way she became pretty cool as well. Kate's sister, Charmaine, deservers a special mention here - Rosemarie DeWitt delivers some of the best comedy and drama in the show. Most of the minor characters don't disappoint: Kate's Barnabeez manager Gene Stuart manages to be absolutely hilarious and extremely creepy at the same time. Pammy works both comedically and as a plot device. Lionel Trane is your typical gay character, but you still grow attached to him.The show survived a grand total of 36 episodes and three seasons, that's much more than some other shows. I feel the show was cancelled at pretty much the right time, as season three seemed to be a bit slow to get underway, and not as interesting as the two first ones - the last three, four episodes were great though, and the series wrapped up nicely and in a satisfactory way.One aspect some viewers might dislike is the lack of outstanding episodes, instead there's just a constant stream of good episodes. Like the theme song says, just learn to enjoy the ride; here the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.moreless

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    The amazing Toni Collette stars as a wife and mother dealing with "Multiple Personalities". She has decided to stop medication to try and find the root causes, which obviously leads to much chaos for the whole family. Complex, funny, interesting.

    By elizabethsheryl, Jun 04, 2011

    I love Toni Collette, she is a fantastic actress and I was excited that she would jump into something like this. She is one of few actresses right now who could pull it off. I'm happy to say that it looks like it got a following even with the *horrible* teasers/advertisements it carried leading up to the premiere. Of course the alters and the drama that happens when Tara changes is interesting, but what really makes this show so great is that it deals with the aftermath of these episodes and the way the family copes. The whole cast is very strong, the teenagers are perfectly obnoxious at times and very real. No main character is shallow, they all have points where you like them or you don't. I like that the son being gay is not a negative thing, it's addressed and he deals with feeling ostracized at school, but it isn't a plot point that is negative. I cannot wait for the next season, and if they keep this up I can see it becoming a star for Showtime a la Weeds.moreless

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    Tara, a family woman has alternative personalities that control her life and she is left to pick up the pieces of her shattered and twisted Family. Black Comedy that REALLY works.

    By huntercal, Jun 04, 2011

    When I first got word of this show I was a little worried, this is a concept that seemed brimming with potential but very hard to pull off. But I knew that I would give it a few eps before I made my call on what the show would be. I am happy to report that this show not only works but is truely satisfying TV.

    The nitty/gritty of the show is all about Tara, played flawlessly by Toni Collette, who suffers from D.I.D or multiple personalities. Basically in moments of stress a new personality can take over Tara and Tara is then left to figure out what problems her alters have left for her to fix. The personalities are Buck, T and Alice. Buck is a dirty trucker guy who loves hot chicks, cigarettes and booze. Alice is a classic 50's Housewife who wants her to take over Tara's life by starting a family with her husband and being a strong task master with Tara's wayward daughter. T is a teen who is obsessed with sex and drugs and is best pals with Tara's daughter.

    The key to the show is that Toni Collette consumes all the characters and hts the spot perfectly with all of them but truely shines as Buck. But the show isn't all about Tara, the trials and tribulations of all the family members bring a great sense of drama and emotion into the show with the loyal husband who is always judged by Tara as to whether he sleeps with the other alters, her son who is an original but just as confused and disturbed as all nerdy teen boys are. Finally her daughter who personifies the rebel without a cause who always seems to jump from one drama to the next.

    The show delves into some great issues and does it all with a really twisted sense of humor that makes me gut laugh almost everytime of trying. This show has only just peered its head in Australia so all those who haven't tuned in already really should, it is funny, it is original, it is engrossing, need I say more?moreless

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  • 8.5

    I highly recommend this show!

    By Cenina, Jun 04, 2011

    Amazing show with the outstanding Toni Collette. It's just incredible how she can play so many different characters. Of course they're kind of stereotyped, but that's exactly what you expect from a Multiple Personalities Disorder. The writing is brilliant. From one side in fact it shows how interesting and weird, and also sometimes funny, this very particular kind of disorder is, but on the other side it also shows how difficult, for both the affected person and their family, the every day life is. Main characters are well played, especially Marshall and the character of Max, the husband, is so sweet and tender towards Tara and the alters. His behaviour indicates a deep love for the family, and even with the simplicity of his personality he always try to make things better, showing how hard it is, but at the same time not impossible.moreless

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    What a great show!

    By BrianK3, Jun 04, 2011

    I didn't really know what to expect from this show, when a friend of mine recommended it to me...

    At first, I thought it was kind of a bad comedy, where Toni Collette made every character in the show... (at least, that's what i thought because of the pictures i saw).. and then... i watched the first episode.

    I was fascinated... from the beginning (with such great opening)till the end. I really loved every character; and of course, i was stunned for the great job that Toni Collette did with all the alters.

    And that was yesterday... now, i just finished the season; and what a pity there are just 12 episodes for one season!! Now, if you are thinking about watching this show... dont doubt! Whatch it! xDmoreless

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    This was awesome. For about four episodes.

    By ZarahPeterson, Jun 04, 2011

    I adore Toni Collette. She's an amazing actress, and this show really highlights that. The problem is that I can't stand a single one of her personalities and as the show progresses, she keeps getting less and less likable. I also don't like the other characters much. The only one I don't get anger-aneurysms from watching, is her husband. I was very disappointed in this show and I stopped looking after I realized it just made me annoyed, sad and frustrated. Too bad - because there is so much potential here. Not only is the storyline original and interesting, but the actors are fantastic. (Especially, as I mentioned, Toni Collette who is one of my all time faves: AMAZINGLY talented and extremely beautiful, too.)

    So no. It just was NOT for me. Too bad.moreless

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    Character development.

    By llamar108, Oct 03, 2010

    This time, Tara's husband tries talking to her about the new alter, who doesn't make a new appearance in Abundance.

    TUSoT is one of the freshest new additions to american television, and this episode provides palpable character development. The alter in focus now is Alice, who believes to be pregnant with a baby girl, while Marshall experiences the opening night of The House of Hell, where he performs with his love interest, Jason.

    This is my favorite episode. Now Charmaine's niece (Kate) is fired, but is rehired at the final sequence of Abundance. She had sex with her boss, who later mistakes their relationship with something greater than it actually is. I can see a very own UST version of Ross & Rachel creeping around Kate and her boss at the diner.moreless

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    A mother of two and a wife, Tara is living with Multiple Personality Disorder. She is no longer taking her medicine to keep the alters away. And when the meds are away, the alters will play. Who will come out next?

    By callmejane, Mar 10, 2009

    Frankly I have to say that this is one of my favorite shows! I love how each alter comes out. All of the alters are fantastic. Buck and Alice are my favorite two. I love T as well, but I am beginning to find her slightly annoying. She is just a little too crazy! A little too fifteen year old for me. Buck is absolutley fantastic. I love that he is such a manly man. I just adore everything about him. Alice is AMAZING! I love her voice and how she talks. I love that she is the ultimate '50s house wife. Personally I adore her family as well. Her husband Max truly loves her and will do anything for her. Her daughter Katie loves Tara but they are having the typical Mother/Teenage daughter relationship. Marshall is wonderful to Tara. I love that he stays true to his style, and I love the fact that he is gay I think it adds another adoring factor to the show. This show is truly fantastic. You should watch it.moreless

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    Better than expected

    By Eli-Aiken, Feb 12, 2009

    "Another twisted comedy about the unexpected nature of American families, this single-camera Showtime offering examines a wife and mother of two teens who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which means she suffers from multiple personalities. Coping with it all is never easy, but it's always funny."

    A promising start to an awesome show.. Toni Collette is awesome as the lead, and the rest of the cast are great too. I wasn't expecting much when I first watched because of the low rating it has, but after I finished watching it left me puzzled as to why this show is getting so much hate. To sum up, check it out and see for yourself, it really is worth a watch.moreless

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