Unnatural History

Sleeper in a Box

Season 1, Ep 3, Aired 6/27/10
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  • Episode Description
  • Henry and Jasper discover what seems to be a rock that generates radio waves and magnetism in the basement storage room that Henry maintains. While researching this item, they discover it is the old USSR Sputnik and has only recently dropped from orbit. Russian agents reactive a family of Soviet sleepers and go after our heroes, because Sputnik has current and deadly information.

  • Cast & Crew
  • Italia Ricci

    Maggie Winnock

  • Jordan Gavaris

    Jasper Bartlett

  • Martin Donovan

    Bryan Bartlett

  • Kevin G. Schmidt

    Henry Griffin

  • Wesley Morgan

    Hunter O'Herlihy

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  • Russian sleeper agents in America, talk about life imitating art!

    By linkthehero82, Jun 29, 2010

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  • Quotes (6)

    • Jasper: (panicky) You do realize that if someone is actually trying to break into the house my dad is never going to leave us alone again. Henry: Relax and focus; listen to what your environment is telling you. Jasper: Okay, my environment is telling me that my dad is going to kill us!

    • Whitney: So let's start with the easy stuff; where were you born? Henry: I am not exactly sure. Whitney: I would have been so disappointed if you had said otherwise.

    • Jasper: Oh you are just annoyed because Whitney is an open book and nobody has a card to your library. Maggie: Just remember that all the popular books get checked out a lot and before you know it, they are soiled.

    • Jasper: (about Henry's clothes) When was the last time you washed them? Henry: Who am I to poison the biosphere with detergent tainted gray water? Jasper: You are a well meaning idealist who will not have any friends until he runs his clothes through a rinse cycle.

    • Jasper: Someone broke into the house last night and stole Sputnik and you're doing the dishes? Henry: I'm working out a plan for finding it. Jasper: You are? Henry: By purifying our surroundings we clarify our minds. Only then will our intentions emerge. Jasper: So you're procrastinating! Henry: For as long as possible.

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    Notes (1)

    • International Airdates: Turkey: October 10, 2010 on CNBC-e

    Trivia (1)

    • Goof: When Henry, Maggie and Jasper scratch the dirt away from the object they discover that it is Sputnik-1 complete with "Sputnik-1" in bold letters on the surface. In reality the word wouldn't have been written in English, it would've been written in Cyrillic as "Спутник-1".

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